Simple Suggestions for Creating your Perfect Bachelorette Pad


What does it mean to be a bachelorette in today’s society? A bachelorette not only exemplifies a young, independent woman who is unmarried—but also a woman with an avant-garde stylized home. A pad pulsating with originality and unique features; an abode distinctively assembled, shouting with artistic ingenuity and efficient function.

And if you categorize yourself as a bachelorette in the modern world, and feel as though your place of living does little to no representation of your lifestyle —it may be time to reimagine your home’s décor.

For suggestions on how to redesign your home to better capture the lifestyle of a bachelorette, read below:

Utilize your Spare Bedroom

We’ve all heard the term “man cave” more often than what we probably care to imagine, but perhaps it’s time for women to start employing this term as well.

If you happen to have a spare bedroom or basement located somewhere in your home, there is a catalog of innovative ways to transform it so that it better suits your identify. Realistically, that “other room” can be flipped into a music library, wine cellar, personal gym, yoga studio, ceramic workspace, or a host of others ideas that bring you a better sense of self.

Minimal Lighting

Soft lighting isn’t only good for easing your anxiety and activating your relaxation instincts, it’s also good for embellishing the aesthetic display of household items. Materials in which don’t usually advocate artistic vision can be wholly redefined with the addition of soft and minimal lighting.    

Instill a Cozier, yet Luxurious Vibrancy to the Bedroom

The combination of lushes colors, dramatic features, soft lighting, and more comfortable bedding help to alter the way you feel at night and once your eyes open in the morning.

Women love to be surrounded by inviting colors, which add a sense of warm energy and help promote a better night’s rest. Shy away from dark and bold colors, which instill a colder tone that’s uninviting and a bit callous.  

Sometimes, simply purchasing a new comfortable mattress is enough to bring luxury into your bedroom. Investing in a mattress that’s adjusted to your lifestyle is also imperative to how you will go about your day.

To help instill an even cozier and more romantic ambiance, limit your electronics in the bedroom, which will not only promote a deeper night’s rest, but also coerce a more feminine mood in the bedroom.


Furniture should not only look beautiful, it should feel wonderful too; after all, what’s the point of investing in expensive furniture (which may look beautiful) when it’s something you’d never relax in? Furniture that is rounder, more organically shaped, soft and less linear also helps to instill a stronger feminine vibrancy.

Entertaining guests and relaxing on a cozy Sunday afternoon is important to women, so make sure your home is properly equipped with inviting furnishing that concentrates more on touch than look.

The Dressing Room

Women take great pride in their appearance and require a sufficient amount of time while getting ready. That’s why it’s important to invest in a dressing room that contains the fitting ingredients any bachelorette would mandate. A feature mirror with surrounding lighting (light bulbs) certainly helps to rekindle that classic atmosphere of femininity. Allow your dressing room to become a statuette of your identify. 

Wonderful Kitchen

In most households, the kitchen is at the core of a home’s character. It’s the place where we not only eat, but also socialize and spend long hours of the day preparing meals, cleaning, organizing and redecorating. Even if cooking is not your forte, having a beautiful kitchen is where your home will see a lot (if not most) of its entertainment, so make sure is not only attractively arranged, but also functionally accessible.

The Shimmering Effect

The perfect balance of soft lighting is to introduce a shimmering vitality to your bachelorette pad. Whether it’s crystal-like mosaics, reflective vases, and overall, brighter material and furnishing, adding a shimmering glow to your home is the perfect way to instill a more feminine atmosphere into your home. Crystal paint, widely arranged mirrors and ornament-like colours also help to capture light and use it to inculcate a warmer energy. From tile flooring to your grandmother’s refurnished chandelier, there is a plethora of ways to introduce a shimmering effect into your home.

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