Simple Steps to Make Wooden Table


Making a wooden table is best option to start with would be making a simple wooden table. A table is something that they can use and utilize well. It will also provide you with enough experience to take up complex projects then.  And it is a great entry level project for the beginning woodworker, and also a complex project for the more experienced carpenter.

  1. Do not be overconfident, if you have the guide to make it. Get a pencil paper and ruler and chalking out a plan of your own would be a good idea. Once you have settled on a rough design, pencil in some rough dimensions. Your dimensions will vary based on the kind of table you intend to construct. In other words, a dining table will have different dimensions than a bedside table. Here is a small tip for all those beginners is that it always pays to get some extra.
  2. The second phase is to choose the wood and for all those who are just starting up their carpentry job we would suggest to use a soft wood like pine to make it easier. For a slightly better finish try poplar. If your table will be used outdoors consider redwood or treated woods. It is better to figure out how much wood you will need. Always add a little extra, just in case to continue the work without any lag.
  3. The third step is to make the top of the table. You can do it two ways, either by using planking or you can use a single sheet of wood also. Planking have an advantage of that it is less expensive than a single sheet. Tongue and groove planking is easiest, but if you can use a dowel or biscuit cutter to create a butt joint then you might consider that route for a flat top. Single sheet of wood will save some money and use hard wood veneered construction plywood.
  4. Then you can glue and clamp the table. When you finish it, just leave it to dry over the night. You can also use framing nailer for nailing work to make wooden table.
  5. On next morning, you can start to create the under-table. It is a basic square of wood that attaches to the table top and helps support the legs, preventing them from moving from side-to-side. Turn the table top over and draw a square on the bottom of your table. After that, cut two pairs of wood for the two front pieces and the two side pieces and glue and clamp these pieces at your lines on the underside of the table.
  6. After that create the legs for your table. Cut the four legs of our table as your wish. It will determine the height factor of your table. So, it could be better to adjust the size of the legs to vary the height of your table as your need. Clamp all four legs together. Cut all four legs to the same length while they are clamped together.
  7. Attach the legs; Turn the table upside down if it is not there already. So, keep your table proper manner to attach the legs. Place the first leg in one corner of the under-table with the top flat against the underside of the table top and the sides flat against the under-table. Glue to the top of your leg and to the interior side of the under-table that will butt against the leg.

Wait until all the glue is fully dry. And after getting dry, turn the table over and see if it is stable by placing it on a known level floor and trying to make it wobble as best you can. And it is the finished wooden table.

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