Simple Lighting Plans for Every Room


The right lighting makes a huge difference in every room of the house. With smart, effective lighting you can create the spaces you truly desire in a home. From the living room to the bathroom, great lighting brings out features and atmosphere, and makes it easier to complete tasks. Here are some things to look out for in each room of the house.

Simple Lighting Plans for Every Room

Living Room

Layering light is essential in the living room. This is a space where all members of the family gather for extended periods of time, and engage in many different activities including reading, watching TV, snoozing, using a laptop, or talking. Create ambient lighting that produces overall brightness in a room, and lighting that shines towards the ceiling rather than downwards. Add task lighting for reading and close tasks like sewing or using a laptop. If people do a lot of reading or writing, invest in task lights that have adjustable brightness for ideal illumination. Accent lighting can highlight features like bookcases or fireplaces, or art work and sculpture. Always add a dimmer switch to the overhead light so that you can control the strength and brightness of the lighting and create different moods in the living room at different times of the day.


As the kitchen is undoubtedly the place where food is prepared and dishes created, you should focus on effective task lighting that helps everyone be more efficient in the kitchen, and avoid accidents. But that doesn’t mean that the lighting has to be purely functional. Putting the sink next to a window is a good way to make great use of natural light, and installing task lights over counters and the main table helps with food preparation. Undercabinet lighting is a good way to illuminate kitchen surfaces. Industrial lighting is efficient and effective, providing excellent illumination and style. The central lighting feature provides ambient light while dimmer switches help to create a more intimate atmosphere in the evenings.


You also need to pay attention to task lighting in the bathroom, as it is essential to have good light for a mirror and for tasks like shaving and applying makeup. One of the main problems to avoid in a bathroom is having one overhead light that casts shadow over the reflection in the mirror as the person stands in front of it. Light both sides of the mirror with separate task lights or use a mirror with built-in lights. Again, a dimmer switch is ideal as it allows you to liven up the atmosphere in the morning and dim the lights when you are enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath.

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