What Are The Signs Of A Poor Quality Builder’s Welfare Cabin?


Renovating your house is a sizeable task and you will need to hire an experienced firm of builders who will make sure that the work is completed to the highest standard possible. They will need to have the perfect working conditions possible so that they can be extremely efficient.

The builders will need somewhere to go in order to eat, relax and relieve themselves throughout the day. It is not practical for them to come into the house, so you should research the different types of welfare cabin that are available on the market. These can be placed near your house so that the builders do not have to be exposed to the elements all day long, which can make their job more difficult in bad weather.

Some welfare cabins are higher quality than others. What are the warning signs of a poor quality cabin?

The Cabin Does Not Have A Quality Toilet

The builders will need to relieve themselves throughout the day, which they will not be able to do in your toilet if you are out at work. The cabin needs to have a fully functioning toilet with the proper washing facilities. Some poor-quality cabins will not have good toilets, and they might not flush properly. The water pressure in the sink might not be adequate for the builders to wash their hands.

The Electric Lights Are Not Powerful Enough

The electric lights inside the welfare cabin need to be powerful enough for the builders to see what they are doing. The lights in a poor-quality cabin will not provide sufficient illumination, so the cabin will feel incredibly dingy and the builders will not want to spend their break times in there. You should choose a well-lit cabin when considering welfare cabin hire. You should hire a new cabin if the lights keep cutting out and they do not work.

The Cabin Does Not Have a Table And Chairs

A quality welfare cabin has some tables and chairs. You will know if a cabin is a poor quality if the builders do not have anywhere to sit down when they are on their break. Standing up at break time can be tiring for builders because they are always on their feet and they need to take some of the strain off.

The Windows Are Too Small

When the weather is good outside, it will not always be necessary to turn the electric lights on the inside because this is a waste that can be afforded. The cabin needs to have large windows so that as much sunlight can come into the cabin as possible. There will not be enough natural light inside the cabin if the windows are too small, and this can make the cabin feel dark and gloomy. You should inspect several cabins before you find one which has large windows that are suitable for the amount of light they let in.

You will be able to spot a poor quality cabin easily.

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