Signs You Need to Fix Your Double Glazed Window


As homeowners fight the onset of the rainy season, they often need to consider home repairs to save time and money over a period of time. With colder temperatures, stronger winds, and heavy rain common in most areas, homeowners simply cannot put off certain home maintenance needs to remain comfortable during the year. However, many homeowners fail to check their windows for the root of their problem. In fact, up to 70 percent of energy lost from a home can be attributed to the windows, doors, and garage door of a home. For this reason, homeowners must look carefully for signs of failure.


When walking through their home, some homeowners may begin to notice a draft in certain rooms. Once they noticed this sign, especially once they pinpointed its location near their windows, they needed to call for double glazing repairs in Kent. Drafts may come from a poorly fitted window, a frame worn from years of use, or from exposure to the weather over an extended period of time. If exposed to the weather for too long, the shape of the frame may change, allowing air into the home.

Sticking Windows

Windows slowly become more difficult to open and close as they get older, generally due to wear and tear. Both single and double glazed windows may experience wear on their balance mechanism. In addition, a lack of regular maintenance may cause wood and metal windows to rot or rust, deteriorating the efficiency of the window. As you open and shut your windows, pay close attention to the effort needed to perform the action. If you must put more than minimal effort into the action, you may need to consider repairs. If left to grow worse, you may begin to see increased energy bills, and a stuck window may also attract would-be burglars.


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