The Signs of Boiler Problems


Several different things can go wrong with the boiler in your home. If you are using radiators to keep warm, the boiler is the heart of that system. Water is piped into the boiler, where a flame heats up the water. Once the water is boiling, it travels through the pipes and through the radiators until it comes back to the boiler. If you are having a problem with your boiler, you are likely having a problem with the fuel that is being burned or with the water being boiled.

Check the Flame

If your home is not as warm as you’d like it to be, you could be having a boiler problem. You need a qualified boiler engineer company in Bristol. You also need to check the flame in your boiler.

  • If you do not have a flame or a pilot light, you should try reigniting it. Sometimes it just goes out on its own. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing that or if it goes out again, you should call a professional.
  • If you see that the flame is yellow, you should call a professional immediately. Fuel oil and natural gas burn blue in the presence of sufficient oxygen.
  • A yellow flame is an indication that it is not getting sufficient oxygen and is releasing carbon monoxide into the air.

Check the Water

You should also check the water. If your boiler has a visible water level, you should check to make sure there’s water in it. If there’s no water, you should make sure it’s turned on; that’s especially true if it is the first time you’ve used the boiler all year.

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