A short guide on how to build a waterbed


Once you have slept on a comfortable and well-build waterbed, you will be hooked. It is not only on of the healthiest ways to spend your night, but also an amazing feeling to sink into the warm, soft und embracing water mattress. Building your own waterbed is actually easier than you might think. Here, you’ll find some ideas and some insights on how to build your own waterbed …  

Step one: building the frame

It is obvious that building a round frame for your waterbed is by far more complicated, than a square one. So let’s keep it as easy as possible. You can always tackle more complicated frames, if you feel up to the challenge. The easiest frame you can build is called the “sandbox”. It basically consists out of four side boards for the frame, a decking and one or two pedestal risers, depending on the size of the bed. There are plenty of great instructions on the internet, which will guide you through the process. One of the coolest and most practical ways to build a frame is to use your old, standard bed frame. Here is a great guide on how to transform any normal bed frame into a nice looking and durable frame for your new waterbed.

Step two: the mattress

  1. So building your own waterbed mattress is actually close to impossible, if you do not have a plastic welding factory at your disposal. Most probably, you will need to buy a mattress for your future waterbed. Germany is quite famous for their high quality mattresses. The company “Tasso” is a great example. Founded in 1973, the factory now counts as one of the leading producers worldwide. In fact, they produce sleeping systems for astronauts and work hand in hand with NASA or the University in Munich responsible for the space station ISS. Once you start browsing the net for a suitable waterbed mattress, you will most likely be overwhelmed. Countless websites with countless offers will keep flooding in. The best approach is to visit your nearest mattress dealer and check out the different forms of mattresses. If you have never slept in a waterbed before, it might be a good idea to give it a try. For the next business trip to Germany, single business men could for instance book a hotel with waterbeds and spice things up with a high class escort service. The city of Leipzig is not only home to beautiful ladies, but also to some very nice hotels with waterbeds. One of many upscale hotels in Leipzig offering comfortable waterbeds is the “Akzent Hotel”. This small, family-run house is situated in the outskirts of Leipzig and is known for its authentic charm. But back to the topic! There are some more things you will need for your new waterbed.   

Step three: accessories

In order to get the full waterbed enjoyment, you will need several additions. A water pump, a water heating system and a safety liner are just some parts which will have to be purchased. Already after a few clicks through the WWW you will find plenty of specialised retailers. To sum things up, building your own waterbed is not too tricky and will be worth every minute of your time.



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