Services Removalists in Sydney Offer


Did you think furniture removalists were only available for moving your items from one location to another? Well, think again! They are available for doing much more than just moving items.

Removalists in Sydney, such as Extra Mile Movers, will help you pack, move, and unpack your items, as well as do much more than that.

Just take a look at all the services the best removalist companies will offer you.

#1 Packing

Removalists in Sydney will safely pack your goods with their expert packing staff. They go the extra mile when it comes to packing your goods safely and professionally.

#2 Expert Packing Staff

The expert packers at Extra Mile Movers are trained to use the most state-of-the-art packing methods and quality packing materials. Their materials are supplied free of charge to you when you hire them to securely pack your office or home valuables for you.

#3 Double Protection

Unlike many other removalists out there, your furniture items will be wrapped in plastic before they are moved. The plastic is taped tightly in place and once it’s loaded into the truck, the furniture is wrapped in blankets before being securely strapped into the van.

By wrapping the furniture in plastic, they are protected from dirt, damage, and grease. By wrapping it in blankets, the furniture is insulated from damage due to movement. Delicate items are always handled with care and fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap, paper, and securely taped before it’s put into a sturdy container for shipping.

#4 Packers are Trained to Handle Fragile and Valuable Items

There are specific techniques and skillsets required to pack items that are fragile and valuable. Using these skills make sure the items arrive at their destination without damage. The packers Extra Mile Movers are specifically trained to handle delicate and priceless items such as ceramics and artwork. When dealing with these types of items, they will wear gloves to ensure no fingerprints are left behind and each possession is wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe.

#5 Unpacking Services

Not only will movers pack all your items, but they will unpack them, too! In order to provide a complete service, they will unpack and place all the items into your new office or home, and they will be quick about it, too.

#6 Removal Service

Removal services are experienced, capable, and strong. They have the knowledge to ensure your possessions and furniture is moved in a way that ensures their safety. They will move your furniture from point A to point B to your satisfaction.

#7 Cleaning Services

In addition to moving furniture, they can also offer customers services of professional cleaners. With this service, the vacated home will be clean from top to bottom!

#8 Flexible Service

You have the choice to select which of the many services you want to use. You can use a moving service to pack and unpack an entire building or just a room. You can select to do the packing and the unpacking while the moving service simply loads and unloads.

No matter what service you need or desire, you will get a professional-quality move and excellent customer service.

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