Selling Your Home? Signs You May Need to Hire an Exterminator First


No one would in their right mind would want to buy a home full of pests. If you are planning to put your house on the market and you’ve seen a rat in your home, it’s time to invest in extermination services.

Here are the signs that you may need to hire an exterminator:

  • You see pests during the daytime.

Most pests like cockroaches and rats are nocturnal. They usually creep around the house when you sleep. If they make appearances during the day it means that you have a severe infestation problem.

  • It’s breeding season.

When you see many cockroaches flying in groups or pairs, you’ll know that it’s their mating season again. Insects like roaches lay hundreds to thousands of eggs during mating season. You should contact an exterminator immediately because if you don’t kill the eggs before they hatch, it would be more difficult to control the infestation in your home.

  • Some furniture and walls are starting to rot.

Pests like termites target the wooden furniture and walls of your home. If you would not exterminate them immediately your walls would start to have holes in them and be destroyed slowly.

You would know that there are termites or other insects on your wooden furniture when you see piles of shavings that look like sawdust around your house. Contact a professional exterminator before the termites start to wreck your home.

Aside from wood, pests can also cause other property damages. For example, rats can gnaw your rugs and wires.

  • You are getting itchy.

If you got rashes or simply got itchy after lying down on your bed or sofa, it might be a sign that there are mites living there. These mites are small and cannot be killed by over-the-counter pesticides. You would need professional help in killing them. Just make sure that you rule out other causes of rashes and itchiness like food allergies before contacting an exterminator.

  • There are weird noises in your attic or basement.

Big pests like rats like to live in dark places like the attic or basement. Since they are large compared to other pests, they can make sounds when they run across your house. You can either hear a squeak or small rustling sounds, especially at night.

  • You see and smell droppings and urine.

If you see droppings and urine, it means that the pests have already infested a huge part of your house. Be careful in cleaning up the urine or dropping because those are filled with bacteria that can make you sick. Throw away anything that has been contaminated by animal urine and droppings.

  • You have had a pest-caused disease.

If you or your family had diseases caused by pests like mosquitoes, you should immediately exterminate the house because the disease might spread. Most pests carry a number of deadly diseases so this is something that should not be taken lightly.

Make your home pest-free before selling it. Exterminators can kill pests whether they are as small as bed mites or as big as rats.

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