Secure Doors and Windows with Simple Hardware:


There is of course some security hardware already installed on the doors and windows but most of the home owners do not think it is sufficient and they want some more efficient system of security to make their doors and windows safe and fool proof from intruders. There are some very simple hardware items invented by the experts which can make your home very secure. While looking at them apparently they seem to be simple dead bolts but in actual these are enough to make you sleep tight and without any worries or fear.

It is required to install the safety equipment on the doors and windows so that the intrusion of any burglar or any other stranger may be discouraged. There are certain pieces of hardware which can really increase the security of the doors and windows at consequently this will secure your whole house. Some of the security hardware equipment and their functions are described in the passage below.

Hardware For the security of the door:

Door is the most important part of the house as everyone gains entry from here and if the lock system of your doors is weak then this can be highly beneficial for the intruders like burglars to break into the house. According to police officers when any intruder breaks into the house, he actually works on the jamb of door and not the lock or the door itself. Therefore it does not matter whether you install one or more dead bolts in the door. All of them will just break away by simply one strong jerk. As far as the back side jamb is concerned, only a slight blow is enough for that. Finally the door will open up wide and it will be just as it was never locked before.

In order to prevent this from happening, there is a strike plate on most of the entry doors. However it is not installed on the service doors. Therefore in order to add an extra safety measure, it is better to install the additional steel plate on the back of jamb of the door. This will result in further strengthening of the jamb and with an addition of the strike plate; it will become impossible to open the door even with a forceful jerk. On the other hand in case of glass doors, there is a different operation mechanism of the dead bolt. In these doors it is operated with a key and lever which is pushed downwards to open the door. If the lever is extended to the jamb this can render the door locked completely and cannot be opened without the key eve from inside.

Security system of the windows:

While installing the security system of windows, there are many options. The most safe and sound installation for windows is of the casement of windows. In this style, there is a crank on the inner side of the windows. The windows will open outside with the help of a gear system after turning the crank. If one of the cranks is left open, then it is possible to disconnect the arm controlling the opening and closing of the window. This will allow the free swinging of the window. However if you install the casement windows it will not be possible to open the window from outside as long as the windows are closed and locked from inside.

Similarly in case of the sliding windows, there is an attached cam action along with a lock. In addition to this, the most safe way for these windows is to get the bar stuck n window and then it can never be sided from outside unless the bar is removed from inside.

If the above mentioned hardware items are installed systematically, then these can ensure the safety of your doors and windows to maximum extent. But if for any reasons you are not satisfied or have security concerns related to your doors and windows then you really need to contact professional doors and Replacement windows Michigan contractors for assistance.

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