Secret from a Moving Company: What Room to Pack First?


When you are moving the whole house packing can be pretty stressful, because most frequently you will not know where to begin with. Exactly because of such problem we consulted several representatives of a moving company in Victoria BC and created a precise order of packing room by room in your home. By following these little tips you will be able to keep everything in order and avoid mess and stress. So keep on reading and pack efficiently.

Storage rooms. This is obviously the first place you need to begin with. Most frequently people store in garages items that are either used rarely or not used at all. So before you get down to packing, try to get rid of as many items as you can. And make sure to keep up to your schedule. And try not to pack big boxes so that it would be easier to handle them for the moving company representatives when packing and unpacking.

Spare rooms. In case you have any spare rooms, make sure to pack them right after the storage space. In this way you can start packing even before you actually hire a moving company or set the moving date.

Living room. The next room to pack is living room. The biggest problems here are bulky furniture pieces, such as sofa(s), armchairs, table, shelves, etc. and of course fragile electronics. These concerns you can leave to the moving company representatives to deal with. Before they come you can pack photos, books, and other small ‘handable’ pieces.

Kitchen. The next room you can live without is kitchen. Again, your part in packing kitchen lies in dealing with kitchenware, dishes, and silverware. Leave all heavy electronics and furniture to the moving company employees and do the easy part.

Children’s room. This room can go together with the following ones, because they are of the equal importance for all family members. With the kid’s room you can deal with toys and clothes, if the children are small, and at the same time give your children a task to pack their room themselves. In this way you will keep them busy and at the same time lessen the tasks you need to do yourself.

Bedroom. In bedroom start packing from the wardrobe, because this is very important part of your home, and at the same time it can easily be handled without any extra help from a moving company. With no doubt, it is highly advised to leave furniture packing for professionals in order to save time and efforts on something that experts will do within several hours.

Bathroom. And the last room is bathroom which again in the beginning can be dealt with personally. But leave bathroom equipment to the moving company experts.

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