Scratch Repair Specialists for Household Blemishes


If you were to spend a little time inspecting the interior of your home, you would likely come up with quite a few surface blemishes. It might be a kitchen worktop that has an ugly few scratches, or a veneer finish that has become damaged, and whatever the problem, there is expert scratch repair in Plymouth from a specialist firm that claims to be able to repair almost any surface blemishes.

Range of Surfaces

Scratches and blemishes can be removed from the following materials:

  • Timber & Wood Veneer
  • PVC
  • Metals
  • Vinyl and Laminate Flooring
  • Acrylic & Ceramic
  • Porcelain & Enamel

It wouldn’t take long to make a list of all the blemishes and scratches, then you simply call the local surface repair centre and they will send one of their mobile units to your home. A constantly dripping tap can damage stainless steel and porcelain, and the surface repair specialist can repair such damage.

Composite Flooring

If your vinyl or laminate floor has a few scratches and scuff marks caused by moving heavy furniture, the surface repair expert can certainly fix these. This kind of damage might be slight, yet it shows up and a repair would restore the flooring to its original state, and they can even repair damage to a hardwood floor.

Door and Window Frames

If you have aluminium or uPVC framed double glazing, the frames can easily become scratched, and this is definitely a job for the surface repair expert. And when he’s finished, no one would ever know there had been a problem.

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