Scandinavian Furniture – The History and the Trend


It isn’t only leading names like Ikea that are responsible for driving the popularity of Scandinavian furniture across the world, as many of the world’s leading names in furniture hail from parts of Scandinavia like Finland, Sweden and Norway.

As one article puts it, ‘maximum style with minimal fuss’ is what Scandinavian furniture offers in abundance, plus it’s hard to deny the quality of this furniture, especially high-end items that fan the flames of desire in the hearts of those with a love of stylish indoor furniture.

Fortunately, Scandinavian design furniture is readily available online and everyone can access a wide range of beautiful furniture and have it delivered to their homes and places of business. What’s more, with an abundance of excellent websites like that stock a superb selection of designer furniture, including armadillo rugs and other must-have items, we all must shop around to ensure we’re buying the best items at the best prices.

The History – Modern Beginnings

The popularity of Scandinavian furniture is quite a recent trend as it has only been popular since the mid-1950s in Northern America and much more recently in other parts of the world. It was at the 1947 edition of the ‘Triennale di Milano’, a popular Milanese interior design exhibition, that furniture from Scandinavia started to attract attention, and it wouldn’t be for another ten years until this style of furniture began to become popular in the US and Canada.


The Trend – Sleek Elegance

Furniture that’s Scandinavian in design is widely considered to be as popular as it is because of its sleek elegance, as the design sensibility behind it is very egalitarian and shuns the ornate designs that were very popular at the time while celebrating a simple elegance that looks the part in all settings, especially cosy and small yet airy homes, the kind of homes that Scandinavians traditionally reside in. Furniture that’s Scandinavian in design is well-known for its:

  • Clean lines – Functional yet fashionable could very well be the Scandinavian mantra where furniture is concerned. The clean lines of tables, chairs and other items makes them perfect for all settings, from the contemporary to the traditional.
  • Neutral colours – Bright yet calm neutral colours are overwhelmingly used in Scandinavian designs. This is due to their long winters and the need to make the interior of the home bright and comfortable.
  • Natural elements and light – As most people would have noticed, there are a lot of natural elements used in furniture design of this variety. Timbers such as pine, beech and ash are very popular, especially as flooring materials, and timber is widely used as a material in many items of furniture, providing stability, sturdiness, longevity and an attractive finish that lasts.

From humble beginnings in the mid-20th Century to something akin to global domination of the furniture market in the 21st Century, Scandinavian furniture isn’t popular without good reason as it makes the ideal addition to any home or workplace. Why not accentuate your home with beautiful items of Scandinavian furniture from a leading online furniture retailer?

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