How to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel


The kitchens are one of the most modern bedrooms in American homes. In fact, real estate professionals recommend that any kitchen over ten years must be renovated or upgraded. The average kitchen remodels costs between $ 40,000 and $ 50,000, and much more than the cost. The return on investment (ROI) of a kitchen remodeling is between 80 and 95 percent of resale. However, if restoration costs less than $ 15,000, on investment is a big 99%!

The question then becomes: how can you remodel a kitchen on a budget, and get more of your money to resale? The simplest answer is to do as much work as you can! Most homeowners can achieve a kitchen remodeling. The more you make yourself, the more money you will save on labor. The more you keep on the job, the lower your costs are, and the higher your return on investment is.

For the average do-it-yourselfer, most kitchen installation tasks can be performed without hiring a contractor. The choice of materials will greatly dictate how easy they will be to install. For example, if you insist on granite slabs countertops you will have to call on a contractor or have the manufacturer maker set up. Some types of flooring are more DIY friendly than others, but the average homeowner can install most without too much trouble. Tasks most homeowners can do themselves, save money during installation:

     Cabinets: Most owners can install new cabinets. Installing them you can save you thousands of dollars in installation costs, depending on the size of your kitchen. Similarly, if your existing cabinets are in good condition But need a bit of a facelift, most owners must be able to sand and paint them, giving all the kitchen a whole new look in the process.

     Countertops: Other than granite, marble and engineered stone, most homeowners must be able to install their own countertops. Extensive DIY options include tile, laminate, and butcher-block. Another large, fashionable The DIY option: concrete countertops.

     Flooring: Vinyl tile, vinyl sheet, ceramic tile and wood, many owners must be able to install their own floor. Timber and tile are definitely better for resale, they are not at all difficult to install, especially when we consider the proliferation of

     Plumbing: Installing a new well or tap is not too difficult for many homeowners, and it can save you a lot of money considering that the average pipe costs about $ 60 from the owner, hour!

     Electrical: Most homeowners can install new lighting fixtures themselves without too much trouble. However, when it comes to re-installing electrical installation or installing new outlets, many homeowners feel Better call a professional.

     Paint, Wallpaper: This is one of the most common DIY tasks, and it is easy! Most homeowners must be able to take this on no problem.

     Backsplashes: As with tiles, your choice of material will decide whether it is a genuine DIY option or not. Granite slab, stainless steel, and blue stone will require installing a professional. Tiles, a classic choice, are the perfect way for a handyman to install a backsplash.

Here are some ideas to reduce the final costs of your kitchen remodeling:

Dispo cabinets instead of cabinets. Stock cabinets for an average kitchen will cost around $ 5000. Custom cabinets for the same kitchen can easily cost $ 20,000 and more!

Consider how many appliances you need. If your idea of cooking is to compose the local Chinese restaurant, buying that eight burners stainless steel professional range does not make much sense! It will be wasted money.

Plan, plan, plan! Calculate your budget in advance, and stick as close to it as possible. In the hustle and bustle of a renovation, it is effortless to lose track of where Revisit the budget regularly, and decide what items you are willing to skimp on and that you are not going to keep the budget out of control.

In the end, a kitchen remodeling can make your home more efficient, more useful, and more stylish. And there is no greater satisfaction than walking into your beautiful new kitchen and knowing that you have done a lot of Work yourself!

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Most kitchen renovations include replacement of old appliances. While style is usually the deciding factor, taking energy efficiency from your tools into account will save on your energy bills in the future.

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