Safe and Sound – 5 Strategies to Reduce Workplace Accidents


Whereas common sense was once the way in which to avoid accidents in the workplace, we now must enforce a labyrinth of rules, regulations, and safety procedures to keep our workforce safe. However, if you’re starting a new business, have changed premises or are expanding your firm, it can be tough to know where to begin. Here are five strategies for reducing workplace accidents:

Electrician Site Audit

Enlisting the help of a commercial electrician for a site audit is an absolute must when you’re purchasing or leasing new premises. A commercial electrician can perform either a scheduled or ad hoc review and follows strict guidelines for installation of electrical components, appliances, and fittings.

Commercial electricians look for evidence of correct installation, safe outlets and wiring, and warning labels, and even ensure that instruction manuals are available around electrical products. If requested, they can also test appliances to ensure they are safe for use.

Proper Training is Crucial

Even if you hire someone for your business based on the knowledge they know their way around your industry, adequate training is still a necessity. If you require that employee to handle heavy machinery or use complicated equipment, you need to ensure that they receive adequate education in how to do so safely.

However, it’s not enough to give them a heavy manual and send them on their way. Be sure to make raining procedures suitable for all kinds of people. It’s a well-known fact that visual information is easier to absorb and follow than words on a page, so make sure training is as interactive as possible.


Ensure there are numerous, easily visible informative posters and information everywhere your team requires it. Potentially dangerous equipment or machinery should have safety warnings and instructions prominently displayed in their immediate vicinity to help workers understand the correct safety procedures. Include visuals and help with troubleshooting. People are more likely to remember what’s right in front of them.

What’s more, never be afraid to state the obvious. If you need to leave a note by the toaster telling people not to poke knives in it, then do so. Common sense is unfortunately not terribly common, and you’re better off being overly cautious than dealing with a potential accident and subsequent lawsuit.

Wear Correct Safety Gear

There are close to 2.9 million workplace injuries in the United States every year, many of which can be linked to the incorrect use of safety gear, or not wearing any at all. Be sure to arm all your staff with everything they need to get the job done safely and enforce it on a regular basis. Hard hats, safety glasses, high-visibility vests, steel-cap boots, and gloves are all commonplace, so ensure every member of staff has access to these items.

Have Procedures in Place for Everything

Your workplace has to be prepared for every eventuality – positive or negative. If you work in an inherently dangerous industry, having steps in place to solve problems and crises is crucial. If you need help setting up rules and regulations as required by OSHA, talk to safety experts. Visiting the OSHA website can also provide you with all the forms and information you need to run a happy, healthy, and safe workplace.

Reducing workplace accidents is a goal to which every business owner should aspire. Not only is it beneficial for the reputation of the business, but it also gives the workers peace of mind. If you’re a business owner, review your safety strategies and consider any of these helpful tips.

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