All about Roofing Shingles and Materials


There are a number of different options for a lumber and frame of a roofing system. Felt underlay, roof cover, and roof flashing are also the areas that further have many options and properties. Following is the complete detail of the roofing shingles and materials that a person should know.

Roof Covering:

Different methods are used for installing different tiles and shingles. Therefore, it is very important that a person would consult with an expert for installation of a roof as experts better which type of tile is best for a specific season. The process of installing shingles seems easy but actually, there are many technical steps such as nailing down and using screws that a professional knows and perform efficiently.

Specialty Tiles:

The details of the types of roofing have extended with the passage of time. Now different tiles have style and process of installation. For example, there is no need of finishing verge in cloaked verge tiles which lap on the gable edge. Hip tile is placed along the roof hip. Ridge tile, valley tile, and other types of tiles have different methods of installation.

Concrete Tiles:

The interlocking property of concrete times is admired by the users. Concrete tiles come in three different types; plain, pan, and Roman concrete design. The mimic clay design looks very beautiful in concrete tiles.

Slate Tiles:

One of the old and traditional types of tiles that are famous for its strength and durability are still famous. Everyone is aware of the properties of slate tiles that its light weight makes it easy for a professional to work with it. Cheaper slate tiles are also the good bet there is a difference in quality between cheaper and expensive options.

Clay Tiles:

When it comes to analyzing the cost of tiles, you would see that concrete tiles are cheaper than clay tiles. Nail holes design on plain clay tile looks very beautiful but the interlocking double-lap clay tile is also very popular and rarely available in the market. Ridges of tiles of Roman clay tile looks very stunning while a design of coming down with single-lap tiles.


Wood shingles made of cedar or other wood types are very famous for looks. The sheet of asphalt shingles are good in strength and bear the weight of other materials. The fire resistant asphalt shingles have different properties than the wood shingles.

Straps and Plates:

Modern trusses require hold of lumber which is made through using metal straps and plates. The simple process of installation is made through these straps and plates which join the structure. The types of straps changes with the type of roofs. Timber connector, truss clip, and heavy truss hang are used to fasten different parts of the wall plate.

Roofing Felt:

The insulation process of roofing is always made in a specific way. For example, matching of feeling with the roofing material is very important at the time of a small repair of roofing. Roofing felt should be breathable because it prevents the outer moist to come inside. Plastic felt does not perform the same function as other Bitumen-reinforced felt do.

Flashing Tools and Materials:

Valleys and chimneys are other names of flashing tools and materials. These abutments are made with tin or other material such as lead. Flashing tools being waterproof protect the house from seasonal effects. A person can change the shape of lead flashing to desired profile.

Ventilation Materials:

The different types of ventilation materials such as ridge are attached with the pipes or exhaust fan for extracting the hot gasses out of the space.  The direct ventilation types benefit the roofing system to a large extent.

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