Rising Dampness Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem for Long


Home-improvement jobs are important because without continuous upkeep of your home, it likely won’t increase in value over time. Part of the responsibility that you have as a homeowner is to keep your home from being permanently damaged from events such as floods or storms. Particularly in your basement area, if the dampness resulting from the water starts to rise, it can cause immeasurable damage to the walls and floors. This rising dampness, as it is called, needs to be repaired as soon as possible and the companies that provide this service work hard to get your basement back to the condition that it was in before the rains started. Whether this occurs in the basement or any other room in your home, the companies that can remedy the problem are easy to find and easy to afford.

Rising Dampness Is Always Serious

Walls can act similar to a sponge when there is excess water on your floors after a flood. This causes the water to rise up the wall, continuing its dangerous path. Regardless of how high up it gets, however, the right company can take care of it for you. They use specialised equipment, tools, and techniques to get rid of the dampness, mould, and mildew. Their expertise enables them to completely get rid of this damage so that you can have walls and floors that are dry, neat, and attractive once again. Most rising damp treatment in Scotland usually includes some type of barrier system  installed in the walls, which essentially stops the dampness from rising any further. Of course, they get rid of all the damage first and in the end, your floors and walls will look as they did when they were new.

Don’t Let it Become a Long-Term Problem

As soon as you notice any dampness or water damage to your walls, contacting a specialist is highly recommended. The sooner they can begin their work, the sooner the damage will disappear and the sooner the permanent repairs can take place. Keeping your home in great condition and looking good includes taking care of it inside and out, which means making sure that all damages to the home are eliminated as soon as possible. The companies that take care of rising dampness use several methods, including electro-osmosis systems, gravity feed systems, and solvent-based systems, to name a few, and all of these methods are proven to be effective. They generally start by drilling holes into the wall and then placing the product into those holes, which is a permanent repair in most cases. Of course, they also personalise their plan for your specific home so you are always guaranteed to get the results that you wanted.

Rising dampness is a serious problem but one that can be repaired easily once you find the right company. The companies that offer these services do a great job and they work very hard to provide you with free quotes, 24-hour availability, and reasonable prices. After all, you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune just to get these necessary services and most companies make sure that you do not.


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