The right way to move your home decor


There are big moves and then there are big moves that will make you swear to never move again.  When it comes to moving your home decor, meticulousness and preparation is the key.  Most of us underestimate the high demand to get ahead of the game and plan for a big move.  The stresses of moving usually come from external circumstances that are unplanned for.  These situations, such as damage to items, to the house itself, and potentially accidents where someone gets hurt, can be preventable if we take the necessary steps to have a plan ahead of time.  So what is the right way to move your home decor to avoid the unnecessary stresses that come with a big move?  Here are some guidelines to creating your own checklist.

  1. Create an inventory of the boxes you have packed according to the room they belong to. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring movers, make certain to take pictures of your more expensive items for claims purposes.  Take time to consolidate your inventory list so you know where things belong when you move in.
  2. Create a packing master list or a command centre to keep everyone in the loop as well as special packing instructions you have. If you are OCD about how you pack your appliances, a command centre and instructions would be very helpful for all parties.  There is usually no consensus to the right way to move your home decor, if you are very particular about certain pieces of your decor, be sure to step up your communication in this area.  Stress can definitely be caused by a lack of communication which leads to confusion.
  3. If you are not hiring professional movers for the job, be sure to do your research on the correct ways to move your home decor to ensure efficiency and a decreased chance of damaging the house. Check out some of these tips on the best way to move large pieces of furniture around doorways and hallways.  It’s pretty interesting that there’s actual methods to lean sofas a specific way to ensure that you won’t scratch the walls and doors or the sofa itself.  These safeguards will help you avoid having to make any claims to replace your items.
  4. Having the right equipment also plays a vital part in moving your home decor the right way. When it comes to heavy lifting, there are great little inventions such as shoulder dolly and lifting straps to assist you and your movers.  This takes potential accidents to a minimal which gives us that piece of mind we want during big moves.  Having the right equipment such as ramps and the right size truck can also make or break how smooth your move is.  When renting a truck to do the move yourself, always make sure to rent the right size truck and the adequate number of dollies.  A huge mistake that many people make is that they can get by with a smaller truck, but when in actuality, they end up having to make a couple more trips because of the small size of their vehicle.  Most truck rental websites let you know the size equivalent to the volume carried, i.e. you want a 17’ truck for a home with up to 2 bedrooms versus a 15’ truck for an apartment with up to 2 bedrooms.  Always choose a size bigger for the reasons above.
  5. Plan it out early on how many boxes and packing materials you will need so that you are not wasting time going back out to purchase some more. Always wrap your furniture in blankets and plastic wrapping to safeguard damage.  It is not 100% guaranteed to avoid damage but it minimizes the risks of getting nicks and dents on your furniture.

There are many factors to consider in moving your home decor the right way.  The ultimate goal is to make sure that you do not damage your goods and can complete the move efficiently.  If your plans have potential flaws, make sure you have backup plans and solutions to perform damage control.

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