Reliable Protection Of The House


Modern intercoms – the highest quality of audio and video

Not so long ago, intercoms which transmitted video were a symbol of progress that was available only to the richest. Today, such intercoms are becoming a standard that is visible in more and more houses, flats and office buildings. An IP intercom is a device that completely changes the approach to intercoms. They are a perfect addition to smart homes because they can be combined with other home appliances. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, we can pair the device with a smartphone, so we can see and hear who is currently at the door. It is extremely convenient and safe, because you can check the identity of the guest without leaving your living room – everything is displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. An advanced camera with a built-in night mode provides excellent quality video. The advantage of this mode is that you always know who is at your door, even if it’s dark outside.

Security and the latest


An IP intercom can easily be connected to the security system, which will make it the “eyes and ears” of the system. In order to ensure the highest possible level of security, the IP intercom, sends a photo of each person at the door to the specified email address. A modern touch screen, which in terms of quality resembles those of smartphones, ensures precision, and also remains legible, even in bright sunlight. The IP intercom is also equipped with a fingerprint reader, thanks to which your property is even better protected, and using the intercom is convenient. The device and its software are very simple and intuitive to use.

Modern intercoms are currently very popular and are often mounted in offices where it is very important that no unwanted persons enter the building. An IP intercom provides comfort and security.

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