Reasons why renting is better than buying


People love to travel and explore new places. Travelling can be one’s hobby and a voluntary process. However, sometimes, people have to move to a completely different city. This may be because of several reasons. Education, better job opportunities, personal reasons, better lifestyle etc. can all be the reasons to shift or move to a new city. Moving to a new city is equivalent to being born again! One has everything new. Surroundings, people, environment, lifestyle, houses, etc. are the things that would change the life of the person. Many people can adapt easily to a new situation and a new city while others may take time to do so. When a person moves to a new city, the first thing, which comes to their mind, is the question of their residence. It may take time for them to get adapted to the rules and the way of the city and they may be willing to return and not continue their life in the new city. Therefore, people tend to be confused whether to buy a new house or to rent a house in the new city. Here are few reasons that would solve the confusion and prove why renting would be a wiser option especially in the initial months: –


  1. Faster process: – the process of renting is faster and simpler as compared to the process of buying a new house. When a person is transferred, they usually do not have much idea about the areas of the city and they can get confused as to which place is more suitable for them to reside and continue their life happily and peacefully. A rent house in Chennai is far easier to acquire than a new house or a new residential project.
  2. Easy shifting: – in case a person does not like the house on rent, it can be easily changed unlike the bought house, which may take months to take change. Imagine buying a new house and then coming to know that the house bought is not the one that you wanted. In case of a rental house, the process of shifting is like 123 and one can easily shift themselves without going through much of a hassle.
  3. Less expensive: – renting is way less expensive and cumbersome than buying a new house. Renting a house is paying a small amount regularly and buying a house is like paying the whole amount at once. A rent house in Chennai may cost anywhere around 15-20 thousand per month for a decent house whereas buying a house would cost around 50-60 lakhs. Therefore, buying a house is difficult and more complex as one has to accumulate and gather that much of money and then spend it all at once.
  4. Inclusive of things: – a rental amount is usually inclusive of things like electricity, gas charges, maintenance, etc. whereas in a bought house one has to pay differently for all the previously mentioned things. It is much easier and one does not have the worry of paying the bills on time as it is all covered in the monthly rent or as per mentioned in the agreement between both the parties. This also means that one does not have to go through all the formalities needed in getting a gas, electricity, telephone and other connections.

Thus, the above reasons prove as to why renting would prove to be a wiser option. Therefore, when shifting to a new city, always opt for renting especially for a month or so to get the look of life in that magnanimous new city! Stay nice and act wise!

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