Readymade Shower Enclosure Designs That Modern Homeowners Love Most


The perfect shower adds an elegant touch and many homeowners prefer shower enclosures. However, there are different styles, and finding the right readymade shower enclosure for your bathroom can be a challenging decision.

Today we will discuss some readymade shower enclosure designs, so if you have a modern taste, keep reading to know about these amazing options.

Fixed Shower Screen: Most economical choice

If you have limited space in the bathroom, a fixed shower screen is a suitable option as it saves space and offers a nice look as well.

This not only protects from water splashes but also adds a modern touch to the bathroom. It is an economical choice coupled with a practical touch, making it the perfect addition to cozy bathrooms.

Glass Shower door: For an inward shower area

A glass shower door consists of a single panel or multiple panels. They surround the shower and make sure the water stays in the shower area. Moreover, they offer a modern touch to the bathroom with a clean yet minimalistic design.

If privacy is a concern, you can choose textured glass as it offers a dazzling addition to the bathroom. The glass shower door could have a swinging feature; it can also be framed or frameless.

You can choose whatever design suits the bathroom interior. So, if you have an inward shower area, the glass shower door is the perfect option to add an aesthetic appeal and provide an enclosed shower area.

Corner Shower Enclosure: for limited space 

If you are looking for a practical solution for a compact bathroom, a corner shower enclosure is the best option for you. Modern homes are usually small, so it’s no surprise that these enclosures are the most favorite ones.

The best part about corner shower enclosures is that they utilize minimum space and leave an elegant touch to the bathroom. However, there are a lot of styles, shapes, and sizes for these enclosures. You can choose walk-in showers, different shapes like quadrants, round, or pentagon. With corner shower enclosures, the design and styling options are endless.

Neo Angle Showers: Similar to diamond shape and adjustable even for the small bathroom

Also, known as space savers, the Neo angle shower enclosure is the perfect requirement of modern shower space. It is positioned in such a way that the enclosure resembles a diamond shape. The door is usually in the center panel, but you can get it in the other panels as well.

The neo glass shower enclosures can be customized either as frameless or semi-frameless. You can also get some unique patterned glass or clear glass ones. Other than this, you can add colors and choose some unique colors like blue, purple, or green to suit the bathroom interior or give it a fresh look.

Steam Showers: For a perfect airtight shower enclosure

As the name implies, these doors make sure to form a tight seal that keeps steam inside the shower. It offers a spa-like environment in your bathroom. 

Do you like a relaxing shower after a tiring day? Install steam shower doors and get luxury at the comfort of your home. Read here the installation guide about sliding glass doors.

Sliding shower doors: Metro vs. Bypass Sliding

Sliding door shower enclosures are available in different sizes, so you can select one to suit your space. They are stylish; do not need a door to open outwards, so it is a practical solution for small bathrooms.

Bypass sliding doors are common in corner showers or stand-alone showers. The design consists of two or three panels that slide on the fixed tracks on the top and bottom part of the unit. They can be framed or frameless and you can choose any glass types according to your privacy requirements and choice.

On the other hand, Metro sliding doors are versatile and stylish. These sliding shower doors are frameless and have a sliding mechanism at the top.

Which one to choose?

We saved the most important information for the last. Now, that you know all the popular types of shower enclosures that are loved by modern homeowners, it is time to decide which one would work best for you.

Follow these steps and then analyze the right fit for your shower space.

Check the space

What matters for choosing the right shower enclosure is the space. First, analyze the space, then, you can decide whether you want a full shower enclosure, a fixed screen, or a glass door that would suit your bathroom.

If you have limited space, you can choose from simple options like a corner shower enclosure or a bath screen that serves the function and takes up less space. Also, you should avoid outward opening doors if you have less available space.

However, if you have a luxurious bathroom, then you can get large-size shower enclosures.

Decide the location

The next consideration is the location of the shower enclosure. If your shower were at a corner, the best options would be a corner shower enclosure or a D-shape enclosure. Again, bath screens can be used if there is limited space.

The shape of the shower also depends on the bathroom layout and other fittings that may obstruct while opening the door. So, keep these factors in mind before you choose a shower enclosure.

Design and styling options

Once you have decided on the space and location of the enclosure, the next step is to choose the look of the shower enclosure.

There are different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes and you can select for the enclosure. Clear glass, patterned and textured glass, colored glass are a few options that you can get and have your dream bathroom. Also, frameless shower doors and framed shower door options also available.


With this detailed discussion, we hope you know everything about the shower enclosures that are on the list of modern homeowners. Don’t think anymore, get your creative hat, and plan for shower enclosures for your place. Remember to choose what suits the bathroom layout, space, and select the design that is perfect for you.

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