How to Purify the Air in your Home


Whenever we think of air pollution, we might experience something we most likely don’t charm us when it comes to the inside of our homes or workplaces. We spend our most of the time indoors, especially in cold weathers. To stay fit and healthy we need to keep the quality of our home as clean as possible.

Increase Ventilation in your home:

Ventilation of the houses reduces the moisture levels. This is one of the significant problems for poor indoor home quality. Ventilation is not opening the window and let the entire fresh air to cross in your room, but it is to purify and cycle the wind we usually breathe indoors. Another efficient way to clean is to use exhaust fans which take all the polluted air outside. Kitchen ventilation is necessary as cooking is a significant cause of air pollution especially if you are using a gas stove in your kitchen.

Use of Beeswax candles:

Beeswax candles are made in such a way that they give natural purifiers. If you love decorating your home with candles, then instead of bringing the perfumed candles you can use these candles. As these candles have no harm, in fact, they give the benefit that they ionize the air and purify the compounds and other substances in the air. They are accommodating for asthmatic patients who are infected easily by the dust in the air.

Use of Salt Lamps:

This is also a tremendous natural purifier. These candles are useful in reducing the airborne irritants by pulling all the water vapor from the air. Himalayan pink salt is famous for its natural instincts that remove all the toxins from the environment. Salt lamps purify the air when they are turned on.

Activation of Charcoal:

Activate charcoal in your homes it also purifies the air and avoids dusty air pollution inside the home. It is also referred as active carbon. It works efficiently and removes all toxins from the air and purifies the air at home naturally.

Use of Houseplants:

NASA research has proved that houseplants can purify the air inside the home and any workplace. It is one of the best ways to eliminate the impact of pollution we have indoors. If there’s a family member with respiratory illness than it is suggested to keep at least one plant per 100 square feet of home for efficient cleaning. Lady palm the one which is broadleaf might serve in this regard, and it does not require direct sunlight.

There are many tips to improve indoor air quality, and if these measures are taken carefully, the results are satisfactory. For more details, you can visit that provides all guidelines on how can we make our home free from all sort of air pollution. Use a humidifier or vaporizer to increase the humidity in your home. Clean your air conditioners and avoid stagnant water in your home. By working on all these steps, you can inevitably reduce the level of polluted air in your home.

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