Purchasing Concrete for a Home Project

3D rendering of a house with garage on top of blueprints

Thinking about redoing your driveway, extending the sidewalk or porch, or adding in a space in your backyard for playing basketball? If so, you will need to order some concrete. You can purchase this concrete from a reputable and experienced company but before you do, you need to answer a few questions and learn about your different options. You may not think concrete requires much thought, but you do have to know a few facts so you get the right amount of concrete. That’s why you should work with a professional rather than try to do the project yourself.

Know How Much You Need

If you’ve never done a project with concrete before, you may have no idea how much you actually need. You have to do more than simply cover the surface area of the space. You will have to excavate a short way down in order for your final concrete slab to be even with the ground around it. This also helps to give the slab its shape and to make the level of concrete even all the way across the space.

This means you have to factor in the total volume of the space, not just the area. You also have to decide how far down to dig. You can get help with all of this from a professional who has spent years in the industry. This way, you’ll have the perfect amount of concrete on hand when it comes time to do the job.

Types of Delivery

Once you’ve determined how much concrete you’ll need, you will want to contact a concrete service to have it delivered. This service can either deliver ready mixed concrete or mix on site concrete. While concrete that is already mixed and ready to pour is the easiest and most efficient option, it also requires you to schedule the delivery beforehand. This means you do need to have your project prepared to the point that you’re ready to pour the concrete when it arrives. Any significant delay and you may have to reschedule.

Mix on site concrete does take longer because the concrete must be mixed first before it can be poured. However, this option does have a few benefits. If you’re uncertain how much concrete you need, it can be more cost-effective to mix it on site so you don’t end up with too much. Mix on site is also often the only option for small projects that don’t need a large amount of concrete.

Concrete Pumps

Moving concrete from the mixer to the work area is often a pain. It involves using buckets, wheelbarrows, or other pieces of equipment that can take a good amount of time and effort. It can also be difficult to get concrete into certain hard-to-reach areas. For big projects or awkward locations, you may want to hire a concrete pump. These pumps push concrete through a hose and into the desired space. They’re great for new builds, major construction projects, driveways, and many other large-scale projects that require a lot of concrete.

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