The Psychology of Styling – 6 Ways That Interior Decor Impacts Our Decisions When Buying Property


Did you know that when you meet someone it takes just thirty milliseconds for your brain to make a judgement about this person on such things like their attractiveness, their social standing, and even their trustworthiness? It’s a similar scenario when a potential buyer first steps foot on your property.

Here are some of the top reasons why professional interior styling forms the very building blocks that maximise the selling price of real estate.

  1. Presentation is everything

You may have hear of the term ‘home staging’. To get an idea of exactly what this means, have a look at these home staging professionals in Melbourne. What we have here is an interior design service that ensures the best possible level of presentation for a property on the market.

If you don’t think appearances count, just think about going to a fine dining establishment and receiving your food on a dirty plate. It’s the same when someone buys a property. If a property lacks in presentation (even though it may have good bare bones) this can form a massive detraction on a psychological level.

  1. Setting a standard

Whether it’s minimising a property’s lowlights, providing furnishings that are a perfect match for a space, or understanding the aesthetic that fits the neighborhood, creating the perfect interior decor is all about knowledge and experience. As this article from The Interiors Addict explains, there’s a lot more to home staging than you might think.

An expert will be on top of current design trends and will understand the real estate market in depth. That’s why you need to enlist a professional in order to set the bar high and remain competitive.

  1. Appealing to the target demographic

An expert in home staging will able to perfectly tune the presentation of your property in accordance with what will most likely appeal to your target demographic. It’s about understanding your buyer and anticipating their vision, tastes and style. If you can get this right you are more than halfway there.

The perfect interior of soft, modern furnishings that could just as easily be found in the pages of Vogue is likely to draw an appreciative sigh from the urban sophisticate. A dominatingly large flat screen TV and dark, sleek details could have a bachelor feeling this may just be the perfect space for his hedonistic lifestyle. Stepping foot into a beautiful light-filled, airy space with a well-appointed kitchen and comfortable living areas might just have homemakers feeling the warm and fuzzies.

  1. Generating increased traffic to an open house inspection/auction (and a greater sense of urgency)

If you’re wanting more people to set through your front door during an open house inspection, you’ll need to make it look as inviting as possible. This blog by likens this scenario to a first date for your property and explains how open houses best function.

Once people can see just how many others are flocking to your open house they are going to want to know about the fuss about. Naturally, more visitors to your inspection means a greater sense of urgency (which is even better if it’s an auction). It’s basic psychology; people get panicky when they feel they are missing out. If your property looks every inch the delectable masterpiece, your buyers are going to be practically stomping over each other in order just to get a look in.

  1. Turning a house into a home (and making it smell like one)

You’ve probably heard about the smell of freshly baked cookies as an effective inducement for would-be-property-buyers. It works on the fact that the olfactory system influences our emotions and decisions on an innate psychological level. In terms of the sale of your property, the right aroma might just have the power to turn four walls and a roof into the very manifestation of a dream home.

However, the smell of baked goods may prove to be a little too distracting! You may be surprised by the top scents that can help sell your home, this article from is a real eye-opener. A clean fragrance (that still displays warmth) is often best achieved by the use of such natural elements such as citrus, pine branches, vanilla, mint sprigs and lavender.


  1. Creating a sense of reassurance

The most important psychological factor that turns interest into a sure sale is a sense of reassurance. Your buyer wants to know that they are 100 percent making the best decision for their future, whether this be in terms of an investment, or in terms of what they will have to commit to living in for a considerable period of time. This is by no means a small thing.

The better your property looks overall, the more people are likely to feel it’s been well maintained over time. Also, knowing they won’t need to lift a finger to complete the picture (no major renos and a place that looks and feels like a dream) will have them feeling ready to sign on the dotted line. Figuratively, it’s about making their mind up for them.

You only get one chance to make a first impression


When it comes to selling your property, getting the styling right is so important. It’s all about understanding the psychology (comprising the needs, wants and lifestyle) of your potential buyer. Professional home staging is about catering to your target demographic and anticipating their psychological motivations.

It could be about providing the right type of styling to make a home buyer fall in love with your property. Or, it might be about setting out the visual scope for an investor to realise an astute opportunity in the form of real estate. In any case, it’s all about the that impression you make. So, make it count with an expert approach in the form of home staging. Like the mortar in the bricks of a house, it’s just as integral a foundation in getting the best possible price for your property.


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