Protecting Plants During the Rainy Season


As we all know, seasons come and go and for the most part our plants can survive without much help from us. However, extreme weather conditions are a different story, especially rain. Rain can effectively wash away a plant especially the ones that aren’t yet rooted very deeply. This is why using proactive measures to preserve your plants during an extremely rainy season is a good idea.

Build Up the Soil

When you know rain is coming, one measure you can take to protect plants and keep them intact is to builds up the soil around them. If the build up is substantial enough you can keep the plants from being washed away or displaced by a heavy downpour. A day or two before the storm is supposed to hit head outside and give your plants a little TLC by using extra soil as reinforcement to keep plants storm ready.

Plant on a Hillside Slope

If you can, plant on a slope or hillside. The rain and wind always flow down hill around plants and pool at the bottom. This keeps plants from being flooded by pools of stagnate water that sit around the roots dislodging them and predisposing them to being washed away when a strong wind blows. As long as you plant on a hillside that has at least a slight slope you are providing a little protection from the elements.

Tarps and Buckets

Use tarps to protect your plants from both strong winds and the rain. Create a tent like shield that helps excessive rain and wind to roll off the tarp and avoid over saturating the plant or uprooting the plant due to the strength of the winds. Buckets can be used for small plants if you want to protect them in the same manner. Simply drop the bucket on top of the Small plant and they will be less effected by strong winds that blow forcefully and an onslaught of rain that doesn’t seem to stop. This measure keeps the plants from getting too much action from these extreme weather conditions and offers some protection as well.

When You Can’t Prepare

As much as technology has given us the resources to predict future weather conditions, it is still not completely predictable. There is always room for the unexpected to happen and it often does. This is best demonstrated by bouts of rains that the weather man didn’t see coming, or that hail storm that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The bottom line is the unexpected and the unpredictable will happen from time to time. The best you can do is salvage what you can. Inspect your plants and take measures to preserve the ones that can be saved. What you can’t save let go of and make plans to replant. Just as a strom can damage a home so much that the owner must look for water damage contractors Minneapolis MN plants have to be reseeded to start again.

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