How to Protect Your Home While You’re Away


Are you often away during the evenings or on the weekends? Will you be spending a good amount of time away from home during the holiday season? Many people do and, unfortunately, this time of year is often when thieves begin looking for targets. Once they establish that your home is empty more often than not, they will begin making plans to rob you. Fortunately, even though you’re away from your home, you can still protect it. Here are a few things you can do to make your house more secure.

Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

You may always remember to lock your front door, but did you lock the back door? Are all of your windows shut and securely locked? If you have sliding patio doors, are they properly secured? What about your garage door? While it may seem a little paranoid to say that burglars are looking over every centimetre of your home to find a weakness, it’s the truth. Make certain that all entry points to your home are securely shut and locked before you leave, even upstairs windows.

Don’t Leave Expensive Items Out in the Open

If someone were to look in your window, what would he or she see? If the answer is all of your jewellery, expensive electronics, or a pile of Christmas gifts, you may be labelling your home as an ideal target. While it’s not conceivable to hide everything of value, you should take precautions. One such precaution is to make sure your curtains or blinds on the ground floor are closed when you’re not home.

Have a Security System Installed

Professional security systems may seem like an unnecessary expense if you’ve never been robbed before, but why take that risk? When someone breaks into your home, he or she is stealing more than your physical items. He or she is also stealing your sense of peace and security. You may no longer feel safe in your own home, and how much is that worth? Security solutions by Big Brother All Security do more than just make sure no one steals your property. They make sure you sleep soundly at night and are able to leave your home without constantly worrying that someone is going to break in while you’re away.

Light Up the Area

Having motion-detecting security lights outdoors is a great way of making sure no one can get near your home without being detected. These lights actually provide two different types of protection. They will discourage people from walking around your property at night, which will help cut back on break-ins while you’re away during the evening. They also help protect you if you’re getting home after dark. The light will automatically come on when you drive up to your home so you can clearly see if anyone is lying in wait for you.

Talk to Your Neighbours

If you’re going on holiday or will be out of town for business, let a trustworthy neighbour know. Tell him or her that you will leave certain lights on or have a timer set to turn lights on and if anyone will be by to check on your home. If any suspicious activity goes on, he or she can inform the authorities.

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