Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding


Getting siding installed is important for every home. Now when you know that the decision has to be made people often show haste in doing so to get over with it soon. This might seem to save time for that period but later it can cause many troubles. Vinyl is one of the popular materials you can use for siding. You should be informed of the pros and cons of vinyl siding so that you can make the best decision.


Cheap: If you have a low budget this is the siding you should go for since vinyl siding is inexpensive when compared to all the other types of siding.

Durability: With low cost comes another advantage. Whenever a person is renovating his house he wishes to not do it anytime soon again. Vinyl siding gives him all the reasons for not replacing the siding again. Vinyl siding is known to last for a very long time that is mostly between 10-15 years that means you will have to pay a very small cost and have long-lasting siding.

Maintenance: Whenever a material is durable a question is raised onto how often it will have to be repaired. With vinyl siding this isn’t much. That means you don’t have to provide regular checks for vinyl siding. It needs to be cleaned to get rid of mold and mildew but that is basically all the maintenance it needs.

Variety: The look of the house is very important and therefore proper color schemes are set and sticking to that scheme is really important for homeowners. With limited variety of siding colors people often have to forsake their theme but not with vinyl siding. With vinyl siding many colors and styles are available for the people to choose and stay with their color combinations.


Changing: People often get tired of the look of their house. It is at this time they realize changing the color of vinyl siding or remodeling it can be very expensive due to the need of special paints.

Sagging: This is not an issue if you have good-quality vinyl but if you chose to get thin vinyl with lower quality the siding will sag between the nails and this is more likely to happen when the siding becomes older and heat is constantly piercing it.

Wind: This is also subjective to the quality of vinyl you have installed. If you have thin vinyl minor winds can be problematic while the heavier vinyl is even prone to hurricane-force winds.

Trims: Trims always accompany the vinyl siding. The trims in the corner are necessary to make sure that the siding has room to expand or contract because it will and if the trims are not done made collapsing will happen which is a bigger trouble.

Fading: It is not very noticeable but if you compare it with a new piece of siding you will realize the fading it has gone through.

Now that you are aware of both the pros and cons of vinyl siding you can make a decision as to whether it is suitable for you and if you still need more guidance siding contractors in downriver MI are always happy to help.

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