Property investment in Bangkok: Condominium market


FAZWAZ is the answer to all your property and condo investment needs in Bangkok. Why go through all the heart ache of finding a finance company, buying & renovating your own property, and even more so investing and renting out your property along with all the legal matters in a country that can be so complicated but yet so simple. FAZWAZ does it all in Bangkok property market.

Its our position to really leave all your worries with us. Our focus is finding you a highly profitable property that suits your budget, you wont need to look for someone who can renovate your condominium, we renovate it for you, in fact when your purchase a condominium with us you are really getting a new modern stylish refurbished condo at far less the price of what you would have if you spent all the money on all these requirements yourself.

What makes us even more unique is the fact that we own all our properties, which means we do not sub sell and take a profit or commission from a higher agent, we are the direct owners, Buying property with us really is the best step you will make in Investment anywhere in Thailand. Statistics prove Sukhumvit is the fastest growing area in Bangkok , in as little as three years Sukhumvit is our specialized area, we have been dealing with Sukhumvit area for years.

The other interesting factor of buying a condo through us is that we give you a Rental Service guarantee, what this means is If you buy your property purely for investment and you wish to let it out, we let it out for you, if it is not let out immediately we will cover the costs of any time and rental activity lost.

On top off all this you receive one on one support by a true international professional, you will be dealing with a foreign/International English speaking representative expert in the property sales field. We also have Dutch, French & of course Thai Speakers, to make you feel much more comfortable in dealing with us.

Featured condo in Bangkok: Casa Viva, 7th Floor, 151 sqm

Casa Viva is located in the trendy Ekkamai area with excellent access to the new airport. The building is famous for it’s ground floor restaurant “Coffee Beam” were Bangkok’s finest pastries are served. The restaurant also provides room service to all owners in the building.

The unit, located on the 7th floor has 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a living/dining area with open kitchen and guest bathroom and maid’s/storage room. The unit has a great view over the out-skirts of Bangkok. The total size of this unit is 151 square meters, which is the ideal size for a small family.

Further facilities in the building are swimming pool, fitness, sauna, snooker room, laundry service and a beauty saloon. The common area is generously sized and has several seating opportunities where you can relax in a fresh breeze.

The unit comes with one assigned car park space.

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