How Do Professional Plumbers Use Drain Blockage Removal via Drain Snaking


Clogs and drainage blockage is a very common problem faced in a house or business plumbing. Though you might take utmost care to prevent the blockage, it may happen because of varied reasons. Some blockages are very complicated to handle with your do-it-yourself kit. Hence, you are compelled to entrust the services to the professional since they know the know-how and methods to fix the problem.

The common method implemented by the professionals is drain snaking. It is used to clear most of the complicated drainage problems and clogs with ease.


What is drain snaking?

In this method, a special tool with coiled spiral is used with an auger at one of its end. This metal cable ranges from 5ft to 50ft as per the requirement. The cable is pushed or rotated with the auger till the blockage point. The drain snaking includes different attachments depending upon the complexity of the blockage. Besides hand operated drain snaking tools, there are electrically operated auger for easy operation.

The drain snaking process can clear blockages in variety of areas including fixtures, plumbing pipes besides the drain pipes. Hence to clear drains, you should also be aware of operating the tool in a right manner. The following are the basics of how it can be used.

How it is used?

Though the tool differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, however the basic process can be similar as follows:

  1. One end of the handle of the snaking is turned with another end pushed into the drain until any resistance is felt.
  2. The handle is pressed with pressure until the clog is hit.
  3. Once the snake is rotated till the clog, the clog will attach to the snake to either chop it or spin it away. For the solid clog, the auger head entangles it but if it is soft and getting twisted, you can pull it away.
  4. If the clog cannot be pulled, you can force by flushing with full force water.

The above steps can be implemented for small blockages for do-it-yourself. However, if the blockages are complicated you will require drain snaking professional and highly experienced service providers.

The ADP Toronto Plumbing services have expertise in removal of debris that might build due to any reasons such as soap scum, sediment, grease, root infiltration or sludge. They will remove even the complicated clogs by using drain snaking method as they are specialized in this process. The complete process is executed using by using in-pipe video inspection system to guarantee its removal.

Thus, by drain snaking, you can remove the toughest of the clog and ensure your plumbing always stay fit and fine. However, you should take care that the clog does not occur or minimize the chances of getting it.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by Moises Rosenblum. ADP Toronto Plumbing is one of the most trusted plumbing and drain cleaning services in Toronto, and they have an excellent track record of efficiently helping their customers for reasonable prices.

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