The Process Required To Fully Clean A Driveway


You may have noticed that your driveway has become dirty. There might be a large amount of mud and debris that has become stuck to the brickwork. You might have noticed that weeds have started to grow between the brickwork. Also, substances such as oil may have spilt onto the driveway and caused problems.

This requires a deep-cleaning process that is carried out by fully-trained professionals. They will outline the process completely before it goes ahead.

What is the process for a fully-cleaned driveway?

The Driveway Is Assessed

Firstly, the state of the driveway is going to be assessed fully. The cleaning firm performing a driveway clean and seal in Newcastle will make sure that they pinpoint the areas which need special attention and which areas are in good shape.

  • Once the inspection process has been carried out, the work can begin in earnest.

Pressure Washers Are Used On The Driveway

Pressure-washers are going to be used on the driveway, which is the most effective method for cleaning a wide area of brickwork. The paving specialists will make sure that every inch of the driveway has been washed properly. This is going to be a short process.

  • Dirt stains and weeds are going to be blasted away by the force of the water.

Minor Repairs Are Going To Be Carried Out

Minor repairs can be carried out to the brickwork. Fresh cement may need to be put in place so that the brickwork is going to hold together properly.

  • The repairs are going to be performed by someone who has done the same procedure dozens of times before your driveway.

The Driveway Is Sanded Again

The driveway is going to be sanded again because this will stop the brickwork from moving. The sand will allow water to flow away from the drive when it rains. This is only going to take a very short amount of time.

  • Once this part of the process is finished, the next stage can be completed.

The Driveway Is Sealed Again

Once the driveway has been sanded again, the entire driveway can be sealed. This is going to protect the driveway from damage and dirt in the future.

  • The sealant used is not going to be harmful to the environment at all.

Why This Is Beneficial For Your Driveway

Driveways that are maintained on a regular basis are going to last much longer than driveways which are not maintained at all.

  • The process is relatively straightforward. The process can be repeated whenever you need to have the driveway to be cleaned and protected.

Overall Round-Up

Your driveway can be cleaned and resealed. The dirt is going to be cleaned, new sand is going to be put down and then a wide range of repairs can be carried out with ease. The driveway needs to be sealed at the end of the process so the brickwork is going to be completely protected.

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