Problems Caused by Bedbugs and its Control Measures Written by: Saniak3000


I recently visited Westgate Mall, one of the biggest malls in the city offering fashions and clothing’s. The reason why I was there early in the morning was to get a new outfit for my 24th birthday party. I bought a pair of new outfit at an affordable price bearing in mind that it will suit my upcoming event. Despite achieving the best outfit for my birthday event, I was discouraged to realize bed bugs hiding in my clothes and bed. They are among the most disastrous insects I have ever seen. You will never have comfort to prepare for tomorrow’s work when you are living with this creatures in your home. They will make sure they cut your slip making you itch like you were stung by a fucking bee.

What discourages most is the fact that bedbugs are tactful insects who cannot be spotted easily during the day. They will wait until you decide to rest is when they launch their attacks. They have high levels of IQ if I may describe them. Bedbugs sucks blood from your body apart from causing discomfort at night. The fact is that, they are sensitive to light and react positively to darkness. It was last month that my neighbor was complaining of the same invasion of bedbugs. Many people will believe that bedbugs will result from dirt in the rooms or clothing while other will have a different view.

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Bedbugs are the most dangerous insects who causes discomfort in your home. They bite you with their sharp pointed mouths thus making you feel itchy. Furthermore, they may transmit infectious disease because they cause serious wounds that forms a strong basis to contracting diseases. How then can we control such occurrences of bedbugs in our homes? The answer simply lies within ourselves.

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We ought to understand cause of bedbugs in our home. Bedbugs are tiny insects that may penetrate into the corners of beds, hide deep inside the collars as well as along the trousers and socks. Controlling them involves identifying common places that they use as hiding grounds. These places include cupboards shelves, along the edges of the bed, seats etc. Such places should be sprayed effectively with an appropriate insecticides to kill them. I used to spray my house four times in a month, it implies that it is essential to spray for bedbugs on weekly basis.

Review for Bedroom Guardian says that  bedbugs are caused by excess dirt in the house. Attaining high levels of cleanness is a key objective towards avoiding bedbugs hiding in your clothing and bed. Ensure that your clean your clothes on daily basis, mob your house with effective detergents while ensuring that cupboards, shelves and seats are always neat. Bedbugs like hiding in dark places where they cannot be easily spotted by the owners. It is essential to enhance enough ventilation in the house with moderate lighting in the room. Such lights will make it easier to detect bedbugs in the house. Furthermore, enough light in the room allows for proper ventilation.

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