Prepare your ac for upcoming summer to assure that you won’t sweat


Summer can be cruel with the sun shining right above out head and the water coming out from out body from almost every single pore. So, make sure that your ac is ready for coming summer and you won’t have troubles dealing with it. The simplest way to do it is by following the tips below.

ALERT: Before you proceed with cleaning the filters and condenser, turn the AC power off from all the sources!

Cleaning or replacing filters

For the DIY lovers, the simplest way to maintain an air conditioner is by cleaning the filters. It is one of the many basics for keeping your ac working at its best. Clean the furnace and air handler filters at least twice a year and replace them whenever you see that they are starting to wear out and a replacement is on its way. Else, the air flow will be interrupted which reduces the efficiency of your AC. Moreover, it will also recirculates the dirt along with the air into your room that is undesirable and unhealthy as well.

Cleaning condenser coils

There are central AC units with compressors outdoor. These often come with a fan that you will see working as you turn on your air conditioners. To make sure that everything is fine and tune your AC for summers, open the side and top panels along with protective grilles from your condenser unit. Then clean the condenser coils with a refrigerator coil brush or a soft brush. It is better to attach them to a vacuum and make sure that you do not bends the vacuum when cleaning.

AC service

If you can see that the things are a little too hard for you or you do not have enough time to deal with these tasks, you can simple go for ac services. Call a professional and ask him to tune up your unit thoroughly. He will not only do the regular cleaning but will also check for any damages and insulation repairs which assures that you have all the necessary cleaning and repair.

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