How to prepare your home before painting


Have you decided to seek the assistance of a painter to get the house painted? Then it is the high time to start preparing your house for it. This will assist you to get the job done within a short period of time and make the life easy for your painter. Here is a list of important tips that you can keep in mind in order to prepare your home before painting.

  1. Remove all the furniture

You would have expensive furniture inside your house. Once the painter confirms the job, you would need to take necessary measures to remove furniture. If you remove, you will be able to avoid running the expensive furniture you own. On the other hand, it will assist you to make the painting job easy for the contractor you select as well.

  1. Protect the floor

In case if you have a hardwood or carpet at your floor, you will need to provide protection to it as well. Placing few newspapers under the roller is not enough for you to provide enhanced protection to the floor. You need to think about sing professional drop clothes throughout the entire home. Even though it is possible for you to purchase plastic sheets at a lower price tag, you should keep in mind that they could get punctured easily. Therefore, spending money in order to purchase drop clothes can be considered as a good investment that you can make towards protecting the home.

  1. Remove wall hangings

Sometimes you would think that you will not have to remove wall hangings because you are going to hang them again after painting job is finished. But it is a good idea to remove them before the painting job. If not, the painters will have to cut in around the paintings, which take much more time than removing. This will add up to your bill at the end of the day. Therefore, spending few minutes to remove all the wall hangings will assist you to save a considerable amount of money.

  1. Clean all the walls that need to be painted

Before painting the walls, you will have to clean them properly. This will assist you to get a smooth as well as a professional looking result. If you don’t clean the walls, dark smudges can show through paint. This can create a negative impact on the overall look and consistency of the wall.

  1. Remove switch plates and outlet covers

The painters would not tend to cut in around switch plates and outlet covers that you have got in home. Therefore, you will need to remove them before the painting job. You should also be careful not to paint the switches or sockets separately as it can make them look unprofessional. You can simply use childproof plastic covers in order to protect all the wall sockets that you have at home. You should also remove the light fixtures that you have at home as well.

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