Pool Parts and How to Maintain Them


Having a pool on your property is a big responsibility. Proper maintenance is needed if you want to be able to use the pool during the summer season. Even if you are only planning on using the pool in your backyard during the hot summer months, you still need to keep up with the year-round pool maintenance. Of course, you have the option to hire a specialist to do the Pool Servicing for you. But it is always good to know which parts of the pool need attention. The following are the pool parts that need to be maintained and how to maintain them to prevent damage.


The pool’s filter system is the most important part because it regulates the quality of the water you swim in. It is not just about preventing rashes and other skin infections. If you swim in filtered pool water, there is a chance you could consume it each time you go under the water. It would not be safe to swim in unfiltered water.

The priority is to keep the filter clean. Because it is a filter system, pollutants will get stuck in the filter. If you see that the filter is dirty, then you know that the system is working properly. However, you need to regularly clean out the filter so that the contaminants will not clog the system and prevent it from functioning properly.


The pool’s interior consists of the walls and the floor of the pool. Regardless of what kind of material the interiors are made up of, they need to be cleaned and maintained as well so that a pH imbalance will cause no calcium build-up. Other stains could also get stuck on these surfaces, making the pool unsafe to use.

You will need to clean the pool’s interior, especially during winter, when it is not used. The water needs to be drained to reach the bottom of the pool. You will need to pressure wash hardened dirt, mould, algae, calcium build-up, and the like to prevent the walls from getting damaged.


The pool water itself needs to be maintained as well. Even if you drain the water, you still need to make a few adjustments when filling the pool with clean water. After all, water can still be contaminated and unsafe to swim in unless adjusting its chemical composition. Not only can the water cause health risks, but it can also contribute to the deterioration of the pool’s interior.

The first step to maintain the pool water is by having a water testing kit on hand. You will check the water’s pH levels, which is crucial to the entire pool’s overall maintenance. You need to check the water’s pH levels, alkalinity level, and sanitiser levels of the pool water. There are certain chemicals you can buy to make these levels balanced.

These different parts of the pool need to be maintained on a regular schedule so that you will not have any problems with the pool in your backyard. To successfully follow a maintenance routine, you will need the appropriate pool equipment. From pool pumps to chlorinators, you need to invest in these equipment types to keep your pool well-maintained. Find the best Pool Servicing shop in your area to get top-quality and industry-grade pool equipment necessary to maintain the pool on your property.

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