Plumbing Problem Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Use


A clogged toilet or drain is a major annoyance. Plumbing problems can keep you from getting ready for work, doing laundry, and going through your daily routine. If you want to prevent plumbing problems from occurring, there are a few steps to follow.

Pay Attention to What Goes in Your Drain

Grease and hair are common causes of clogged drains. One of the best ways to prevent plumbing issues to keep these items from clogging your drain in the first place. Before you wash any of the following items down the drain, consider tossing them into a jar or bin:

  • Grease, fat, and oil
  • Paper towels and paper products
  • Cotton balls and hygiene products
  • Building materials such as paint, cement, and grout
  • Corrosive or flammable substances
  • Flushable cat litter
  • Greasy foods

Local plumbing services in Bromley are available to help with a clogged drain. However, you may prevent the need for a plumber by keeping these items out of your sink.

You should also keep greasy foods out of the kitchen sink. Besides oil, you should avoid placing sauces, dairy products, butter, shortening, lard, and meat fats down the drain. To prevent hair from clogging a drain, you can try using a mesh screen or drain grate.

Deal with Blocked Drains to Avoid Major Repairs

Keeping certain items out of your drains will help prevent clogs, though clogs can still occur. Tree roots can grow under your property, potentially penetrating the pipes.

Instead of simply clearing the blockage, you should deal with the issue. Removing roots before they severely damage your plumbing may save you from more costly repairs.

Deal with plumbing issues quickly and keep an eye on what you put in your drain. Remember these tips to reduce the chance of a plumbing emergency.


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