Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Home Owners


Plumbing problems don’t always require help from a professional plumber. If you experience any plumbing problems in your house, follow these three do-it-yourself maintenance tips to see if you can solve the issue on your own.

Inspect Faucets to Stop Leaks

Leaking faucets can create annoying drips that goes on for hours. Light sleepers may find that the leaks drip so loudly that they can’t get enough rest at night.

Leaks can originate from a few different parts of the faucet, so you need to remove the handle to get a look inside. Underneath the handle, you’ll find a ring. Adjusting the ring may stop the leak immediately. If it doesn’t, then remove it, and inspect the cam and packing. Remove the seats and springs, and replace them with new ones. Once you put the faucet back together, it should work fine.

Install a New Fill Valve to Stop Running Toilets

Running toilets can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day, so you’ll want to fix this problem as soon as possible to avoid a large water bill. Luckily, it doesn’t usually require much skill to diagnose and fix a running toilet.

Start by testing the flapper to make sure it seals properly. If water continues to run when you have the flapper pressed down, then you need to replace the flapper.

Many times, you’ll find that the flapper works fine. In these cases, you probably have a leaking fill valve. Flush the toilet, and watch the fill valve closely to see if it leaks. If it does, then removing and replacing it should solve the problem.

Rent a Drum Machine for Badly Clogged Pipes

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Clogged pipes can lead to much bigger problems, including flooded basements and bathrooms. If you catch the clog early enough, then you might find that a handheld auger can remove the obstruction. You may have to spend some time pulling hair and other blockages from the pipe, but you can do the job on your own.

More severe clogs may require a drum machine that pushes the auger deeper into the pipe and uses a fast rotation to break up clogs. Most people don’t have their own drum machines, but you can rent them from home supply stores.

Occasionally, homeowners will find that machine drums won’t get the job done. No matter how hard they try, the pipe remains clogged.

When this happens, you should call the professionals at Capital Care Plumbing. You may have a clog that has become impenetrable because of its size and thickness. A professional will know how to locate and evaluate the pipe’s clog. If necessary, the plumber may need to remove a section of pipe to get the clog out of your system.

Some plumbing problems are easy enough that practically anyone can fix them. You need to know your limitations, though. Tackling a complex problem could cause damage to your pipes and fixtures. If you feel yourself getting frustrated or confused, call in a professional.

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