Planning To Get an AC Installed: DO the Required Homework before Calling a Professional


If you are seeking to get a central air conditioner installed then the idea is simply awesome. However, remember that buying an AC is not like buying your grocery. The equipment is not just large in size, but requires large investments as well. There is immense amount of research that you must do before you decide to invest in an AC.

The decision making

There are plenty of options available in the market for you to choose from. Each form has its own pros and cons, considering these positive and negative aspects you may always discuss with experts / technicians.

Conventional split system or mini split

To explain what is conventional split system or mini split you may always ask air conditioning contractor to explain the difference to you.

Split system is the most popular investment option. It has usually two units:-

  • Indoor – Evaporator coils and the blower are a part of it
  • Outdoor – Compressor, Coils, and condenser fall in its bracket

The entire system performs as a ‘closed system’, which is single with two units.

Mini split has an outdoor unit. It is quite similar to conventional system of AC. It uses separate blowers for air distribution inside your home. Blowers are featured to get installed in your selected rooms and every outdoor unit is capable to support 4 blowers at maximum.


They use underground loop to derive the benefits of a steady temperature circulation of earth that is below the line of frost to either cool or heat your residence. This system is potent to extract heat through the Earth in winters. With the help of heat pumps the warmth gets transferred to your residence. In between there is no utilization of fossil fuel. The only piece of technology needed is heat pump. This heat pump uses very less energy to work.

Some homework – in real sense

First get the load calculated i.e. get the aspects inspected like:-

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • The complete structure of your house

With the correct calculation there is very least possibility of investments going waste.

Get the professional to clean the ducts. It is not a good idea to hug the dirt and dust. Clean areas will create clean and fresh air circulation in the interiors of your home. If you have forgotten about the last time when you got the cleaning done, in this case it becomes a necessity for you to get the area cleaned.

Some extra cleaning

Do not wait for Christmas to clean your home. Before the AC is installed look into the following areas and say a quick hello by cleaning them:-

  1. The place where the technology will be installed
  2. Stairs, deck and porches too need attention
  3. Keep yard waste away for smoother functioning

Simple care and intervention in to the minute nitty-gritty of your home may prove fruitful for installation of AC. Work fine today for a smoother tomorrow.

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