How to Plan a Themed Party at Your Home


If you enjoy home decorating, you may also want to share your home with friends and family. Therefore, it is always nice to have party themes in mind for planned celebrations at your home residence. In order to make the event a success, you need to determine how many guests you will be inviting and the form of entertainment you will be providing.

Something for Everyone

After all, selecting the right entertainment is the key to holding a memorable celebration. The event you host should be one that offers something for everyone, and the entertainment should also support the theme of the celebration.

You may be thinking, for instance, of planning a New Year’s Eve party for friends and family. If you work with an event planner, he or she can help you narrow down the décor for your celebration as well as help you plan the activities.

A professional and experienced event planner should offer both seasonal decorating and event planning assistance. Allow the planner to create an atmosphere that matches your vision of the event. Don’t try to go it alone. An event professional, who focuses on family gatherings, receptions, and corporate events, can give any themed celebration added pizazz.

Outdoor Games and Rides

For instance, work with an event specialist and hire indoor games for your event. Blackjack tables are popular choices for New Year’s Eve or birthdays. You can also make use of a number of outdoor games and rides when holding a summer party. For example, make a child’s birthday celebration even more memorable by hiring a ride, such as a Ferris wheel, or carousel. Smaller children enjoy such installations as bouncy castles, climbing walls, chair-o-planes, and swing-boat rides.

Wedding receptions can also get a boost with the right equipment. For instance, photo booths are popular pieces of equipment as they enable guests to take home a memento of the wedding event.

A Non-traditional Twist

If you are holding a more casual summer party, or are inviting friends over for an autumn-themed gathering, you can include indoor games, such as air hockey or arcade games too. Whilst people often hold parties for birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s, or Christmas, party themes also feature non-traditional twists.

For instance, you might hold a back-to-prom party to relive the event, or choose a celebration with a Moroccan-styled theme. Consider featuring some Casbah lanterns or Moroccan mint tea. Exotic fabrics also fit in nicely with this party planning scheme.

You might also think about holding a 1980’s dance party, or a spa party for women friends. Hire a manicurist and prepare various face masks for your party guests. A princess party is a great excuse for wearing tiaras and princess-inspired clothing and jewellery.

Another great party idea is to recreate a nightclub from the 40s in your home. In order to underscore the theme, feature retro cocktails, jazz or big band music, and zebra-accent fabrics. So, you do not have to hold a party for a traditional occasion, you can also plan parties following one of various themes. Go ahead – be creative. Expand your love of home decorating to the party space.

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