Personalising Your Balcony


Balconies are, in general, a beautiful addition to any house. They provide a way for the occupants to enjoy the outdoors while staying close to home. For many, sitting outside can be the perfect way to relax. However, a balcony should match the style of your home, and most importantly, should match your tastes. With a wide variety of style options available, it would be impossible not to find a design that fits your idea perfectly.

Glass Balconies

With options of two main designs for glass balconies, you will be able to choose which one appeals more to you. The balconies will use only the strongest and thickest glass and can be up to seven metres wide, depending on the size you want. The glass will be accentuated by your choice of grey, silver, white or black. This option is one of the more expensive choices. However, it can be made to order. Additionally, this balcony option is delivered with the doors you will need to add it onto the side of your house.

Metal Balconies

There are many more options for metal balconies, as the range of design possibility opens up. You may choose to have straight no-nonsense bars, or you may choose a fancier design that catches the eyes. Many of the options that Juliet Balcony offers come in the same colour choices as stated above: grey, silver, white, or black. However, if you choose the Heritage design, you are choosing a hand forged design. This means that there may potentially be no balcony exactly like yours. That is certainly unique! All the metal balconies are covered in a certain chemical to prevent corrosion. Different bolts and finishes are used to give the balcony the most professional look possible.

Open Balconies

You can choose to have your balcony open and close, if that is what best fits the design you have in mind. Why would you want to have an open balcony? It can be safe design to have a gate fitted over the doors. If you have small children, this gate will prevent them from climbing out onto the balcony when you are not watching. By having this option, you will also be more able to move furniture easily. It has a safety latch that you can engage upon closing.

Flooring Options

There are also many possible flooring options that you can select based on your needs. Some common flooring options include mesh steel, timber flooring, and steel. Mesh steel is an excellent option if you have windows underneath your balcony. If you use something heavier, such as timber or metal, the light will not be able to reach those bottom windows, and the rooms underneath will not have as much natural lighting. Additionally, you can choose to personalise your balcony by rolling out artificial grass or a large rug over your balcony. Depending on the weather, one of these two options could work well to make your balcony warm and inviting.

The options available for balconies are boundless, and you will be able to personalise your balcony exactly to your liking.

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