Peering Through the Glass: Safety & Privacy in a Glass House


They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

Glass happens to be one of the hottest building materials to work with in contemporary design due to its ability to look and feel modern and open the living space.

Glass provides great views, lets in the sunlight (which happens to increase your overall mood), and is easy to work with once you are complacent with the design of the home.

Yet, with glass come some disadvantages:

·  A general lack of privacy

·  Susceptibility to damage

·  Lower energy efficiency

Many of these issues have been remedied through tinting and stronger forms of glass, but there will always be some form of safety issue that rolls across your mind when living in a house mostly comprised of glass. External services and procedures have also been a staple in keeping safe when living in these households.

The following are some of the different ways to keep safe when living in a glass house:

Home Security Systems – The choice in a home security company will be key with keeping yourself safe when living in a house designed around the glass aesthetics. ADT is the leader within the home security industry which makes for a great starting point when comparing the various plans and offers from its competitors. The important items to note are: flood lights, video surveillance, motion detection, and a prompt response time. The home security will be the quintessential item for those that are opening up and exposing their home to others through the use of glass materials.

Tinting & Curtains Reflective and non-reflective tinting is ideal for those living in houses comprised mostly of glass. These types of tints keep the visible light shining throughout the day yet will become reflective as the hours pass and it turns to night. Curtains, too, can be integrated to keep the home private along with adding a unique design. Either choice in these items can be incorporated without removing the allure and freedom that glass creates.

Acceptance – Those finding themselves in a living space comprised of glass should realistically expect others to peer into their homes. We live in a society which is transparent and this trend has grown into the design of our homes. Yes, your privacy demands respect but at the same time you should be aware that your activities may be on display with those around your neighborhood. It’s worth noting, though, that you should be aware of the voyeurs within the vicinity and report any suspicious activity to your home owner’s associate or the police.

Heavy-Duty Builds – Reinforced glass, polycarbonate, and Plexiglas windows are an option to consider when sourcing the glass for your home. It’s already likely the glass used in the construction from your custom design or previous owner’s choice has taken this into account. Yet, do consider stronger, heavy-duty glass (or poly/plexi grade) to prevent break-ins since they are less likely to be damaged by thrown objects, attacks, and environmental damage.

Foliage – Brushes, trees, and other plants that are place within proximity of the glass make for a low-cost method of keeping safe and private. Consider plants indigenous to the area for easy maintenance. Follow suit with plants you place within your home; they will add to the unique design to your interior decorating!

Truth-be-told: No home is completely safe.

We can take precautions to deter would-be malicious types from entering our homes.

The use of home security systems, tinting/curtains, heavy builds, and knowing the dangers will have you ready for the unexpected. It’s something we never want to happen yet these are the realities we must deal with as home owners.

What would you recommend for keeping safe and private when living in a house mostly design of glass?

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