Patio Blind Options for Shading Your Outdoor Spaces


Many people practically live outdoors when the weather is warm, but even those who love being outside may be driven to seek shelter when it is blazing hot. Your outdoor spaces will often be useless in the summer heat if they are uncovered because it will be too hot to enjoy them. Fortunately, by having patio blinds installed, you can reclaim your outdoor spaces and enjoy being outside in the summer once again.


What are Patio Blinds?

While there are many different types of blinds you can have installed to provide shade for outdoor spaces, patio blinds can actually be used to create a roof over your patio, deck, or pergola. They are available in different fabrics, including PVC, acrylic canvas, or shade mesh. Patio blinds can be used as a standalone implement or they can be installed under existing glass or polycarbonate roofs to create a barrier between the hot surface of the roof and the outdoor space.

Fabric Advantages

When choosing the fabric for your blinds, you need to decide which material will better suit your needs. If you want to relax on your patio in all kinds of weather, then you probably shouldn’t choose shade mesh. While the mesh will help reduce glare from the bright sun, it does not hold water at all. If it is raining or if the sprinkler system suddenly turns on, you would get wet while under the blinds.

An acrylic fabric will protect you against both rain and sun because acrylic is water resistant and it is made to be sun-proof. Canvas is also durable, as it can withstand strong winds if the blinds are left open over the patio or pergola. When it is hot outside, canvas blinds will provide a cooler, shaded area in which to sit and enjoy the outdoors. By shading your patio or pergola, the blinds can help reduce the temperature by up to 10 degrees.

Solid PVC patio blinds in Melbourne are waterproof, so you don’t have to go inside if a heavy rain suddenly starts to fall. They are also durable, so they can withstand a strong storm if they are not retracted before the weather changes. Most PVC blinds are see-through, so your view won’t be obstructed like it would be with canvas or mesh blinds.

Customised Options

Most overhead patio blinds are pleated, so they easily retract at night or during the winter when you’re not outside on the patio or pergola. The blinds can be retracted by using a pull stick to manually pull them back, some have a cord system, or you can choose a motorised option, which can retract the blinds with the simple push of a button. For older people and for those who are shorter in stature, the motorised option may be the best choice.

Patio blinds are available in several different colours and patterns, so you can select them to contrast or blend in with your home’s exterior. Along with shading the patio or pergola, patio blinds can also shade your pool area as well, so you can enjoy swimming outside when it’s hot.

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