Owning Isn’t For Everybody


In this era of increasing home prices and job related mobility, people are increasingly shunning the American dream of owning their own home. There appears to be great wisdom in this for many. The thought of being saddled with a 30 year note, constant repairs and upgrades, and the inability to move quickly should the need arise are simply no longer appealing to many in the modern generation. With recent entries into the market such as Invitation Homes, a great lifestyle can be had in some of the most highly sought after locations in the country, all without the expense of home ownership.

Leasing a Home Gains Momentum

If you think that the lifestyle afforded by such sought after places as Southern California and Florida is beyond your reach, you might want to think again. While home values in these areas of the country continue to surge, there are a growing number of rental options available on the market. This is allowing people to move into a home of their dreams, just for a season, before moving on to another location. There are many advantages to this, one being quality of life.

Many people are turned off by the monthly ritual of paying a mortgage note and never seeming to get anywhere. Leasing a home bypasses that by allowing residents to engage in the lifestyle they have always wanted, knowing that they can always walk away from it whenever the tie comes. With the growing number of digital nomads out there in society today, this is a great way to see the country one location at a time, knowing that there will always be another opportunity to lease at the next destination. Invitation Homes are growing in popularity.

Cut Down on Your Costs

There are a great many hidden expenses to home ownership that many people are unaware of until they get settled in. Beyond the loan costs to consider, there is the constant upkeep that home owners are responsible for themselves. This all goes away with a leasing option. You are free to live your life knowing that if the plumbing malfunctions, you are not on the hook for a big repair bill. The same goes for the air conditioning on those hot Florida summer afternoons.

Many rentals can be had for roughly the same price as a mortgage. While some might question the wisdom of renting and not gaining any equity, it is important to realize that times have changed. No longer do individuals necessarily settle down and stay in once location for 30 years. This a mobile generation, and leasing a home helps to facilitate our thirst for seeing and experiencing new places. Home ownership ties people down to one location, keeping them in bondage unless and until the house itself can be sold. With a rental, as soon as the lease is up, the tenant is free to move on.

Imagine being able to live by the beach one year and the fresh open range of the mountains the next. This is no longer a dream in the sky that can never be attained. Just take a look around on the Internet to see all of the many possibilities that await you. There is a place for you, in a location that you desire.

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