Out with the Old


And in With the New – Change Time!

The forward looking manager may look at an office renovation as the perfect time to make serious positive changes, as any visual modifications will boost and result in motivational surroundings that should result in a turnaround for any business. Disclosing the fact that the office revamp is simply a minor part of an overall design to make the business a more vital and effective organisation. Simply by inviting all members of staff to take part in the planning, and with regular team building exercises introduced, a successful team spirit soon emerges.

Customer Assurance

An office with a negative feel to it will usually look messy, and if you add stress and tension, as staff members try to maintain a level of orderliness, it would be quite evident to any visitor that this organisation just isn’t organised! Should clients occasionally make a visit to your office, then it is vital to keep this is mind when designing a new reception area. If you would like to delve deeper into the importance of office design, look no further.

Targeting Success

There should be a classy looking waiting area, with excellent seating, furniture and décor. There should be a flat screen TV within eyesight that displays video presentations, which highlights the company’s achievements, and also providing information about the intended future. There should be a distribution area where company brochures are easily at hand for anywhere visitors might engage. All trophies, awards and certificates should be clearly and prominently displayed. Visitors who are constantly being made aware of successes, will subconsciously have more confidence in doing business with you.

Communal Area

Indeed, even in open office surroundings, there has to be a zone where employees can assemble. This meeting point should be equipped with professional gadgets and tools for favourable sessions, strategic planning, and to expedite other decisions that need to be made within a functioning business. Capable screening would ensure privacy, and with a constant supply of tea, coffee and cakes, creative minds will blossom. Organised sessions in an informal setting, will create the perfect solution to problems that people have spent much time trying to figure out. Whiteboards, marker pens, plenty of paper, and a spacious circular table would be the perfect arena to encourage creative thinking.

Working Space

The most crucial element of all, as this will be the place where your employees actually function, and while you would like for everyone to entertain some privacy, the design should stimulate dialogue, using half size partitions to allow for face to face discourse. The quintessential workstation has the following:

  • Appropriate swivel chairs
  • An abundance of hidden storage space
  • Ideal lighting
  • Acceptable seclusion
  • Enough wall space

A plentiful supply of power outlets is also necessary, and with the use of partitions and screens, cables can be discreetly hidden, either that or simply contained in underfloor channels. The future is looking wireless, so this will soon no longer matter.


The difference between the average employee and a go-getter may have something to do with the physical environment of the workplace. Experts agree that the immediate environment does affect people significantly, and with the use of the right lighting and colours, well-being is promoted well-being, and with a happier personality, which can be transferable. Employees respond well to an increase in responsibility and involvement, so why not bring employees to the table when thinking of office redesign? After all, it is their arena!

Employee Effectiveness

Research has suggested that by devoting some time evaluating the various tasks that employees have to undertake, there can be a vast improvement in the efficiency of activities, and with prudent consideration concerning who will sit where, you can really get things going. There are some companies out there that adopt isolation of different departments, in their belief that it allows them to focus on their particular task, and should your company be one of those, semi-permanent partitions and walls can efficiently separate different zones of business.


Happiness is crucial if a person is to excel in the work environment, and that doesn’t only apply to interpersonal relationships, but to the immediate environment and ambience also playing a part. The perfect office layout should be productive, pleasant to the eye, and comfortable. The correct lighting is vital, as this has an effect on human emotions. If you happen to be a business that’s based in the UK and seeking top quality, first class office refurbishment, Saracen Interiors are leading professionals in their field, bar none.

And Some

There are many elements to a successful business, marketing procedures need to be right, the product or service definitely needs to be in demand, and the company’s owners should be focused, customer orientated, and have realistic goals. These are the basic essentials to running a successful company, but if we look a little harder, there are some other areas that make up a successful team. The working environment has a major influence on accomplishment, and that might be positive or negative, counting on the design and aesthetics. Studies suggest that people will respond positively to a friendly and open environment where everyone’s opinions are acceptable and all members are working towards one goal, which is the prosperity of the company.

Focus on Dialogue

If you believe in cutting edge business models, creativity and freedom will be at the top of your list. Casual clothing with irregular working hours have become the rule in this arena, and by giving more responsibility to the employee to assure that their labour is completed to a set standard and schedule, the best will be brought out of them, and they will endeavour to try as hard as they possibly can. Open plan office design has become a show stealer in terms of modern office ideas, and with the relaxed atmosphere of flexi-working, creativity and its sister, initiative, will simply flourish.

Not Fade Away

Office redesign is not something that happens when furniture fades and has already proven to be a crucial component to an accomplished organisation, and with professional assistance, you too can reap all the benefits of something you may have thought was irrelevant. Go for it!

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