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As the impending need for you to move to Wandsworth looms ever closer, stealing your attention from all other activities you may be dealing with, you should start working on the move. Regardless of urgency or time, removal is serious business and needs to be treated as such. As a result most people that deal with house relocations rarely think about the environment when they work on that task. Even if that thought does cross their mind, the truth is that most people would consider it too hard and bothersome to attempt an eco-friendly removal.

In reality you will need to make only a few small changes in how you are getting ready for the move in order to make the whole process a lot more environmentally friendly. A few tweaks and twitches here and there will make a big difference in keeping our planet cleaner and safer for us all. Some slight adjustments will be a big step toward the choice of a good man and van service and a greener approach to moving. You can alternatively work on recycling the leftover removal supplies, as well as any belongings you are not planning on taking along for the ride on the moving van. Whatever the case you will have a lot more control over the whole situation, thus giving you a good chance to contribute toward a smooth and environmentally safer relocation. Follow these eco-friendly removal tips in order to minimize the carbon footprint left behind by your move to Wandsworth:

  • Hire an experienced man with a van service in Wandsworth

A lot of these will now work on an eco-friendly alternative to the services they offer due to changes in the industry that are taking place today. Luckily, the man and van industry is keeping up with the trends and it is slowly but certainly adapting to a more eco-conscious way of work. While you are out there hunting for a good and affordable local or even a cross country man with a van company, you should not underestimate the importance of man with van hire. They have a relatively smaller carbon footprint compared to the larger companies and offer a more customized service than their larger cousins, so you can better contribute to the changes needed for a cleaner world if you choose to hire such a man and van company. Before you move to Wandsworth you should scout the market for a suitable choice. Find a good green moving van hire Wandsworth and you will be able to encourage a more environmentally friendly moving initiative in the near future.

  • Opting for more eco-friendly moving supplies

Keeping in mind that a typical house removal will require at least 60 boxes and containers that last an average of four to seven uses before they need to be recycled, the decision to find a more eco-friendly solution is understandable. That will not only benefit the environment, but your overall relocation budget too. A good way to start on this is to ask your friends whether or not they have any packing supplies you could reuse. Ask around and gather up as many of the necessary supplies as you can second hand. This will not burden your budget with purchasing brand new ones. Furthermore, it will prevent unnecessary dumping of such materials before they have reached the end of their useful life. You can even get bubble wrap patches and packing paper from friends of yours with a bit of luck. You can also check out local businesses to see whether or not they have something to offer in terms of packing materials. This will be one free approach you can take with procuring your cardboard boxes, as they will save you a lot of effort and time in recycling. Your removal to Wandsworth will be a thing to remember. If you do have to buy any boxes, make sure you go for recycled materials only.

  • Get more creative with the boxes and containers you currently have

That way you can minimize your expenses even more if you are restricted by a removal budget of the lower variety. This will help eliminate the need to recycle anything before you move on to Wandsworth and you will have a unique chance to use a man and a van company without the need for additional packing supplies. There are endless opportunities for improvisation here. For instance, you could use plastic boxes and containers you already have at home to pack some of your belongings and use sheets, blankets and clothes for padding and protection from damage. You could also use suitcases and bin bags to pack away clothes and other stuff that is not very susceptible to damage in transit. You could even put furniture drawers to a good use. See what you have and make the best use of it.

  • Recycling the packing materials after the move

When your move to Wandsworth is over and done with, don’t just throw away the packing supplies you used. You could sell or donate them to someone who’ll make better use of them, or, if they are in a very poor state and can’t be used any longer, send them to a recycling centre.


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