What Are My Options for The Best Pillowcases


Nothing beats resting your head on a soft, comfortable bed after a long day’s work. It’s relaxing, until you wake up only to find yourself bathing in sweat. Of course, you can prevent this from happening by investing in high-quality pillowcases. If you want to explore your options for the best pillowcases, here are some products you should consider:

  1. Nufabrx Bamboo Pillowcase

As the name implies, Nufabrx bamboo pillowcases are made from bamboo fiber fabric. This is known to contain antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties which makes it ideal for those who suffer from allergies while sleeping. Additionally, it comes with a variety of essential oils known for fighting acne.

With bamboo pillowcases from Nufabrx, you can get that prized sleep you always want. You’ll also wake up minty fresh after a long, sound slumber.

  1. Smart Temp Pillowcase

You might find it hard to believe that this pillowcase is designed by NASA. However, it actually houses the Outlast fabric technology which helps regulate temperature in space. While it can literally provide out-of-this-world comfort, it works just as well when it comes to controlling your health flow and offering comfort here on Earth.

  1. BeautyZZZ Silk Pillowcase

The natural silk pillowcase from BeautyZZZ is made from 100% silk. It comes with zero chemicals and pesticides, not to mention it’s hypoallergenic and helps repel dust mites. If you want to maintain your skin’s natural pH, this is an excellent option to consider. Due to its silk fabric construction, you can experience maximum comfort as you sleep through the night.

  1. DeepSport Cooling Pillowcase

This might be the ultimate choice for a cooling pillowcase. The DeepSport product is made with Dermatherapy technology known for wicking away sweat and moisture. It also helps rid of potentially harmful bacteria, thereby making your body drier and cooler as you sleep.

  1. ExceptionalSheets Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase

In case you didn’t know, the Egyptian cotton is the highest quality fabric that can be used in a pillowcase. This is exactly what the 1000 thread count pillowcase from ExceptionalSheets offers. Egyptian cotton is a material which is naturally hypoallergenic and offers exceptional breathability. This means there’s no need to worry about molds or dust mites settling in your pillowcases. Moreover, the product showcases premium quality and luxurious appearance, giving you a very regal vibe.

What to Consider when Choosing a Pillowcase?

The choice of a pillowcase will depend on your own preferences. Before you decide on a product, make sure you consider a few important factors.

One of the most important factors is thread count. Generally, a thread count between 200 to 300 is soft and comfortable. However, the choice will still depend upon personal choices. As a rule of thumb, it’s ideal to always go for pillowcases with a higher thread count.

Another factor to consider when buying pillowcases is the material. There are several types of materials used in a pillowcase construction. However, the most popular ones are bamboo, Egyptian cotton, and polyester. Then again, it all boils down to what your preferences are.

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