Opt for trusted brands in order to get best quality granite countertops in Chicago!


When it comes to decking up the home, one prefers to go for the best of products. Especially in case of the items that must have long term durability, one tries to know about the best supplier and manufacturer before making the deal. The same is with granite countertops. Being an item that is supposed to last for over 25 years if not lifetime, one must consider a number of factors and parameters for selecting the right kind of granite.

Where to find the best of granites in Chicago

One can know about the granite manufacturers in and around Chicago through the word of mouth or from blogs and feedbacks on the internet. Some of the brands that do business in Chicago in this field are however so well known that they do not need an introduction. For example, countertops by Granite Selection are one of the most well-known in the city. The company has been one of the oldest ones here and have a huge gamut of clients who are very satisfied with their products. Thus, the goodwill of the company has done the rounds through these highly satisfied households that have been using the countertops in their kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors for long.


The company offers a huge choice of granite countertops for all kinds of lifestyle. These are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms as well as the walls and floors of the living and bed rooms. These granite tiles are highly polished and coated with sealants that last long and keep protecting the aesthetic as well as durability. The tiles are available in a variety of thickness and look. The thickness determines the strength and durability of the tiles while the look comes from the variety of prints imparted to these tiles via different printing techniques. One can thus choose from the variety depending on the end use. For end uses where durability is required, one must go for the thick ones while for look one may choose the thinner ones.

Even cost plays a particular role in making the choice. The thicker ones are costlier since they are difficult to be cut, polished and finished.One thus has to look at the end use and decide rather than go by the cost only. The ones required for floor tiles must be strong and hence one can opt for lesser of look in them to adjust the cost.

What we should know about granite manufacturers

Making good quality of granite is a technical thing like any other streams of materials engineering. But a client must be aware of certain basic things in order to evaluate a manufacturer as good or otherwise. Among the factors that must be considered are:-

  • Precision instruments for measurements
  • High tech machines for manufacturing
  • Easy installation
  • Providing training for cleaning and maintenance
  • After sales service
  • Cost and quality
  • Variety of tiles offered

One can be assured of these if one opts for a good manufacturer with a brand name like buying countertops by Granite Selection.

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