Oh Dear! There’s No Hot Water! What Shall I Do


Hot water is amazing, isn’t it? Just turn on the tap and there it is! It’s one of those daily things which we use that most of us mortals take for granted, and don’t realise how lucky they are to have, until it’s no longer there! Take a cold shower you say? No thanks! Just the thought of that is enough to make most people cringe!

Most people assume that in our homes, things will keep on working and stay that way forever, not caring at all about if they won’t. But with machines being machines, the time will ultimately come at a future date when they will indeed stop working.

Checking Things Out

If you do happen to find yourself without any hot water, you’ll want to get things back to normal as soon as can be, so let’s see what can be done:

Inspect the Gas, Electric and Water Supply

  • If yours is a gas or electric boiler, you should make sure that the energy supply is connected and working properly.
  • If you require a professional landlord safety inspection in West London, contact and consult with a specialist service.
  • Make sure that the water supply is still turned on.
  • All of these are easy to accidentally turn off, and by checking them, it may save you a lot of trouble.

Resetting the Boiler

Try to reset your boiler or turn off the power to the boiler and then switch it back on again.

  • There is the possibility that this just may fix the problem.


  • Todays, modern boilers let you easily change the temperature of radiators or the hot water system by using a dial.
  • Make sure that yours has not been put on to cold settings.
  • Try to kick-start your boiler by turning it up to high for a short time, and then back to normal after the hot water has restored itself.

Clock and Timer

  • Do you ever make use of a timer on your boiler? If yes, make sure that the clock is set to the correct time, because boilers, will occasionally forget when clocks go forwards or backwards.
  • Also, check that your timer has been set for hot water to be there when you need it.

Any Power Cuts?

  • Should you have had a recent power cut, the boiler may have changed itself to default factory settings after power was restored, and may not be set as to where it was before.
  • Check all settings and change as needed.

Diverter Valve

  • If your central heating is working, but there is no hot water coming from the taps, it may be the case of a diverter valve problem.
  • If this happens to true, then the diverter valve is probably faulty, or could be stuck in the central heating position. Inspect and deal with it.

These are the basics, and if you require expert assistance, contact local specialists in the business.

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