Now know the basic difference between blinds and shades


Are you a perfectionist looking to lift the decor of your home to a different level? Well then you might have considered going into detailing with your needs. Every perfectionist out there is acquainted with the fact that in order to attain a certain level of excellence, one has to always go in an one to one approach. This makes sure that one is totally aware of even the smallest of factors that can make a difference. When it comes to the matter of your home window treatments, this is surely an approach which will be quite rewarding. Window treatments are of many types and among these, the most common are that of the window shades and blinds. You may have often heard about both of these but may not have been able to point out the difference between both. Well, in that case, worry no more. You will soon come to know about the basic ways in which both of these window treatments are different.

blinds and shades

The difference lies in:

  • A blind is one which has slats. These slats goes by the name of louvers. The slats are functional in a very specific way. These rotates back and forth so as to provide the user with superior control of light and privacy. Many might opine that blinds are the ultimate option when one is searching for the maximum amount of light control. This is as because blinds can be very efficiently lowered as per one’s need and this in turn decides the amount of light which will be allowed to get A couple of times, you might have heard that a shutter is mentioned as a blind. The reason behind this is shutters also happen to have louvers but don’t be mistaken by this as shutters are totally different from blinds.

                  While a shade is just a single piece of material which can be raised or lowered as per one’s need. A shade does not necessarily has slats which are moveable. And when it comes to the matter of insulation, shades are often preferred in that case.

  • Blinds are often referred to as hard window treatments. This is as because the material used in these might be wood or something on the same line which is hard in nature. Also blinds complement handsomely with various type of decors and architectural styles. Therefore it is very versatile

         While the shades are something which falls under the category of soft window treatments and therefore has a snug feel to it and can be stacked at the top without any difficulty. The shades are something which adds a smooth and neat look to your windows. Shades have a certain kind of flow to them which makes them a very popular window treatment as well.

Hence, now that you are aware of the basic differences between window blinds and shades, you can very well choose the one which suits your window treatment needs and matches your home decor aptly.

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