Not Able To Bake – Fix The Little Heating Or No Heat Problem In Oven While Baking


The basic purpose people buy electric oven is to either cook or bake. The baking property of the oven is its unique selling property and therefore electric ovens have become very popular.

If your electric oven is not baking the cake properly, there is a need to check the parts of the oven for damage and repair. The oven can be repaired by you at home. Yes, it is not that difficult to repair and maintain your oven on your own. Given below is your ultimate DIY guide to oven repairs.

How to repair the baking problem of oven

  • The baking equipment of an oven is found at the bottom of the oven.
  • It is also possible that the damaged baking feature will burn the food on the top.
  • To find out if the baking equipment is not working properly, you can do a visual check by yourself.
  • If you see that the baking equipment is separated, you need to replace that element of the electric oven.
  • But, if you see no problem in the equipment, then you need to switch on the oven for a minute for baking and switch it off. Check if the baking equipment has become hot, if not, then it means the element has become defective or damaged.
  • You can easily repair this defect. Remove the panel from the oven where the baking element is situated. Check if the connected wires have loosened. Also, check if the wires are corroded. If so, you need to change the wiring of the oven and the baking element may be fine.
  • If you see no damage in the wires, check the baking element. If the baking element seems to be damaged, immediately replace it by yourself. You just need to purchase a new baking element and place it in the oven on your own.
  • Other than this, you also need to check the temperature sensor. There is a possibility that the baking element is fine but the temperature sensor does not reach the proper temperature, so you will have to replace the temperature sensor.
  • Also check the Electronic control board, the fuses, and other parts for repair. If required replace or repair all the damaged parts.


The electric oven is a very simple machine. It has the heating property in different forms which helps the food to be cooked or baked. Electric ovens are no rocket science and can be handled and repaired at home easily. If you see that your oven is not working up to the mark, just do a quick check on the internal parts of the oven and get them replaced or repaired by yourself. This will reduce your cost of repairing and also you will never require an expert help every time you need help.

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