New Technology A Boost to Creating Custom Address Signs, Cottage Plaques and More…


For some, an address sign is just a way to tell the postman where to deliver the mail. For others it’s an expression of pride in home ownership, personality or even whimsy. Now, a patented new technology provides an alternative to costly metal sign production. Instead of forging metal in a foundry, FusionCast “fuses” metal with high density urethane at the molecular level. The result is an engineered metal sign that is super strong and able to withstand freezing cold conditions in the winter and blistering heat in the summer without cracking, fading, peeling or warping. It’s resistant to mould, stains and ozone making it ideal for outdoor use.

FusionCast signs are available in bronze, copper and aluminum. They can be customized to any shape and include texture, icons, images and colour. Originally developed for golf courses, where they appear on over “70 of Score Golf Top 100 Facilities”, they are now available for consumer applications including home, cottage, small business, chalets, etc. Not only are they up to 40% more economical compared to their traditional counterparts but they’re also lighter making them cheaper to ship and install.


What are some of the considerations that should be contemplated when ordering a custom sign? Well, first off, size should be top of the list. It must be large enough to be easily read from the street but not overbearing for your space. Shape, whether oval, square or some other custom dimension can also impart a sense of style and flair. The choice of metal should reflect the “character” of your intended use. For example bronze is timeless, stately and traditional while copper or aluminum are more modern, sleek or even avant garde. Finally embellishments, like colour, addition of an icon, texture and border treatments can further personalize and make your sign unique.

But address signs are not the only use for this technology. “We’re finding all sorts of creative and practical uses” says a FusionCast spokesman. “We’re filling orders for recognition plaques, trail markers, historical plaques, directionals and even some weird and wacky stuff like the person who ordered a sign that simply read “Nothing of any significance has ever happened here”. They make for a unique gift idea that will last a long, long time. FusionCast is located in Canada but has shipped all over the world. For more information and sign galleries visit:

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